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Full text of "Armory and lineages of Canada, comprising the lineage of prominent and pioneer Canadians with descriptions and illustrations of their coat of armor, orders of knighthood, or other official insignia"

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The University of Toronto 


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Fourth Annual Edition 





Comprising the Lineage of Prominent and Pioneer Canadians 

with Descriptions and Illustrations of their Coat 

Armor, Orders of Knighthood, or 

other Official Insignia. 




39 EAST 42nd STREET 


Copyright, 1913 


Herbert Qeorge Todd 



T^HE purpose of this work is to give a short sketch of the lineage 
* of prominent persons in Canada to-day, with notes of anything 
of interest or importance regarding any ancestor, and especially to record, 
briefly but permanently, the achievements of those who, having served their 
country with distinction, have passed away, but whose names should not be 
dropped or their deeds forgotten, as is necessarily the case in reference 
works the scope of which is limited to the living. 

It was intended at first to confine the work to families of early settlers; 
but it cannot be overlooked that Canada, though old in tradition, is yet, in 
its broad expanse, but a new country, whose citizenship is constantly being 
augmented by new comers from the older stock of the mother lands. The 
scope of the work, therefore, will include those who, however recent, are 
intentionally residents in Canada. 

The work will portray the armorials of such of the families herein em- 
braced as have coat-armour and are accustomed to use it, for the 
recognition and preservation of those cognizances borne by our forefathers 
lend to enhance the interest and value of family history. 

The Heraldic Addenda contain the arms of notables connected with 
the events in Acadia, New France, and the two Canadas. Others will be 
added in subsequent sections. 

The Provincial Armorials are in accordance with the designs and 
official descriptions furnished through the kindness of the several Secretaries 
of the Provinces. 

It will be noticed that the shield armorials of the Dominion seem com- 
plicated (although composed only of the arms of the first four provinces to 
enter Confederation), yet are quite bare of those component parts which go 
to a complete achievement ; i. e., crest, supporters, and motto. It is to be 
hoped that a shield will soon be adopted simpler to the eye, yet more 
comprehensively representative and having its proper complements. 

The Editor is very much indebted to the advice and kind co-operation 
of the author of "Ontarian Families."— Mr. EM. Chadwick, K.C. of Tor- 
onto — to whose judgment and learning, especially in ecclesiastical heraldry, 
the writer has been glad to defer. 

Herbert George Todd 


THOSE who may be interested in honouring 
their forbears by recording briefly their line- 
age and acts, or who thus wish to preserve family 
facts for a generation yet too young to appreciate 
such matters, are invited to subscribe without delay. 
Additions to this work are continually in preparation 
and will be printed and forwarded to all subscribers 
ai soon as sufficient material for a new section is 
collected. New subscribers will receive all sections 
issued to date, bound in one volume. Earlier 
subscribers will be sent the added sections, unbound 
or bound, as preferred, at cost. Illustrations of the 
subscribers' paternal or maternal arms and of his 
vsnfe's family, will be given if furnished. 

Additional copies of this book may be had by 
subscribers for presentation purposes at the rate of 
25 cents per section. Minimum price: $1,75 



Aylesworlh. Hon. Sir Allen B., K. C. M. G. 


Baker of Montreal 


Brymner of Montreal 


Buchanan of Montreal 


Cassels of Ottawa 


Chadwick of Toronto 


Cockshutt of Brantford 


Connaught and of Strathearn, H. R. H., Duke of 


( Anns and liaeage published by his special permission ) 

Durnford of Devonihire 


Fleming, Sir Sandford, K. C. M. G. 


Gibson ( see Cassels ) 


Grant, Sir James A., K. C M. G. 


Hamilton, Archbishop 


Hamilton of Hamwood, Quebec 


Henderson of Montreal 


Heriot of Montreal 


Hopkins of Toronto ( see Rutherfurd ) 


Innes (see Hopkins) 


Irving, Sir i^lmilius, Kt. 


Irwin of Ottawa 


Jarvis of Toronto 


Kains of London (Onl.) 


Kerr of Toronto 


Kirkpatrick, Sir George Airey, K. C. M. G. 


Leckie of Vancouver 


Lewis, Travers-, of Ottawa 


Lighthall, Schuyler-, of Montreal 


Lisgar, Baron 


Matheson, Archbishop 


Monck, Viscount 


Montizambert of Quebec 


Neilson of Neilsonville, Quebec 


Otter, Major General Sir William Dillon. K. C. B.. C V. O. 


Paxton (see Henderson) 


Pellatt. Sir Henry M., C. V. O. 


Powell (see Jarvis) 


Riddell of Toronto 


Rutherfurd of that Ilk (see also Hopkins) 


Smith, Pemberton of Montreal 


Sparks of Ottawa 


St. John of Orillia 


Strathcona and Mount Royal, Baron 


Todd of Ottawa 

II. 23 

Vaux of Brockvll'e 


Woodruff of St. Catharines 


Hrworlal H^^en^a 


British Columbia 

Cabot, John and Sebastian 

Cadillac, Antoine de la Mothe, founder of Detroit 

Canada, Dominion of 

Coutley, Chevalier Rene, ancestor of the Coutlee family 

Frontenac, Conte de, Governor of Canada 

Le Moine, Jean Baptiste, Sieur de Bienville, 

de Lussault, Lieut. Gen. Guast, Acadia, 1603 


Montcalm, Marquis de 

New Brunswick 

Nova Scotia 



du Quesne, Marquis 

La Salle, Robert Cavalier, Sieur de 


Vaudreuil, Marquis de 

Ventadour, Due de 

Wolfe, Maj. Gen. James 
























* See Morgan's "Canadian Men and Women of 

the Time" 
t " Burke's "Peerage, Baronetage, Knightage, 

and Companionage" 
t " Chadwick's "Ontarian Families" 
§ " Burke's "General Armory" 
Ho.— House 

U. E. L.~Unlted Elmpire Loyalist 
d. v. p.— died vita patris ("before his father") 
d. 8. p. — died sine prole ("without issue)" 


TRoyal Crown 

QUARTERLY: 1st and 4lh gules, three lions passant-guardant in 
pale or, for England; 2nd, or, a lion rampant wilhin a double tressure 
flory-counter-flory gules, for Scotland; 3rd azure, a harp or stringed argent 
for Ireland: the whole encircled with the garter of blue with gold 
border bearing the motto in gold "Honi scit qui mal y pense." Crest: Upon 
the royal helmet, the royal crown proper thereon a lion statent-guardant or, 
crowned also proper. Supporters: Dexter, a lion guardant or, crowned 
as in the crest; sinister, a unicorn argent armed, crined, and unguled or, gorged 
with a cornet composed of crosses patee and fleur-de-lis, a chain affixed 
thereto, passing between the forelegs and reflected over the back, of the 
last. Motto (below the shield): "Dieu et mon droit." 

Hrms of lb. IR. lb. ^be Duhe of Connaugbt anb 
of Stratbearn 

The Royal arms differenced by a label of three points argent the 
center point charged with St. George's Cross, the remaining points each 
with a fleur-de-lis-azure. In the center of the arms an escutcheon of the 
arms of Saxony, viz., barry of ten, or and sable, a crown of rue in bend 
verted. Crest: The Royal crest, excepting that the crowns are replaced by 
coronets of crosses patee and fleur-de-lis; a label as in the arms. Support- 
ers: The Royal supporters, charged with labels, and the lion having a 
coronet, as in the crest. No motto. Surrounding the Arms, the Collar 
with the Garter and the badge pendant therefrom. 



lb. K lb. tbe DuJ^e of Connaugbt ant) Stratbearn 

• Duke Connaught and of Strathearn, K. G., K. T., K. P., 

G. C. B.. G. C. S. I., G. C. M. G.. G. C. I. E.. G. C. V. O.. etc 

Born May 1 , 1 850. 

Married I 3 March, 1879, H. R. H. Princess Louise Margaret Alexandra 

Victoria Agnes of Prussia born ( 1 860) and has issue: 

I. H. R.H. Prince Arthur Frederick Patrick Albert. Born 1883. 

1 . H. R. H. Princess Margaret Victoria Augusta Charlotte Norah 
(born 1882). Married to H. R. H. Prince Gustavus Adolphus of 

2. H. R. H. Princess Victoria Patricia Helena Elizabeth. Born 1886. 


A RTHUR of Connaught. born 1850, 3rd Son of 
^ *■ Queen Victoria (and Albert, Prince Consort), daughter of 
Edward, Duke of Kent, who died in 1 820 (and Victoria of Saxe-Coburg), 

son of 
George III, who died in 1 820 (and Sophia Charlotte of Mecklenburg), son of 



Fredrick Lewis, Prince of Wales, who died in 1 75 I (and Augusta of 

Saxe-Gotha), son of 
George II, who died in I 760 (and Wilhelmina Caroline of Brandenburg- 

Anspach), son of 
George I, who died in I 727 (and Sophia Dorothea of Zelle), son of 
Ernest Augustus, Elector of Hanover, and Sophia, who died in 1714, 

daughter of 
Fredrick V, King of Bohemia, and Elizabeth, daughter of 
James I of England, who died in 1 625 (and Anne of Denmark), son of 
Mary, Queen of Scots (and Henry Stuart, Lord Darnley), daughter of 
James V of Scotland (and Mary of Guise), son of 
James IV and Margaret, daughter of 

Henry VII of England, who died in I 509, and Elizabeth, daughter of 
Edward IV of England, who died in 1483 (and Elizabeth Wydeville), 

son of 
Richard, Duke of York (and Lady Cicely Nevill), son of 
Richard Plantagenet, Earl of Cambridge, and Lady Ann Mortimer, 

daughter of 
Roger, 4th Earl on March (and Lady Alianore Holland), son of 
Edmond, 3rd Earl of March, and Lady Philippa Plantagenet, daughter of 
Lionel of Antwerp, Duke of Clarence (and Lady Elizabeth of Ulster), son of 
Edward III of England, who died in 1377 (and Philippa of Hainault), 

son of 
Edward II, who died in I 327 (and Isabel of France), son of 
Edward I, who died in 1 307 (»nd Eleanor of Castile), son of 
Henry III, who died in I 272 (and Eleanor of Provence), son of 
John of England, who died in 1216 (and Isabel of Angouleme), son of 
Henry II, who died in 1 189 (and Eleanor of Aquitaine), son of 
Queen Maud of England (and Geoffrey of Anjou), daughter of 
Henry I, who died in I 1 35 (and Matilda of Scotland), son of 
William I (the Conqueror, who died in 1087) and Matilda of Flanders. 

Baron Stratbcona anD fIDount TRopal 

F. R. S. i . Born Forres, Morayshire, Scotland, Aug. 6, 1 820. 
Son of Alexander Smith of Archieston, and Barbara, daughter of Donald 
Stuart of Leanchoil, Scotland. Came to Canada 1 838, entering the Hud- 
son Bay's Co. as a cadet, promoted gradually to be resident governor and 
Chief Commissioner; appointed by the Dominion Government 1 869 to 
investigate the Red River Insurrection; received thanks of Governor Gene- 
ral in Council; M. M. P., Winnipeg, 1870; M. P., Selkirk, 1870; M. P., 
Montreal West, 1887; appointed, 1896, High Commissioner for Canada 


in London. Wai considered the most effective promoter of the C. P. R. 
Made K. C. M. G. 1886; G. C. M. G. and Member of Privy Council 
1896. Raised to Peerage with above title 1897; G. C. V. C. and 
F. R. S. 1 908; Knight of Grace of St. John of Jerusalem, in England, 1910, 
for loyalty, especially for his equipment and maintenance of the "Strathcona 
Horse" in the Boer War; Vice-President Bank of Montreal, 1882; Pres- 
ident 1687; Honorary Lt. Col. Victoria Rifles, Montreal; Honorary Col. 
8th. V. B. King's Liverpool Reg., 1 5th Light Horse, and 79th. High- 
landers; received freedom of the cities of Aberdeen, Edinburgh, Bristol, and 
Bath. Was host of Prince and Princess of Wales, Montreal, 1901; 
Canadian representative at funeral of Edward VII and at Coronation of 
George V. Author of "Western Canada before and since Confederation" 
( 1 897); "The History of the Hudson's Bay Co."( 1899). Received hon- 
orary degrees from Cambridge, Yale, Aberdeen, Laval, Toronto, Queens, 
Ottawa, Durham, and St. Andrews. 

Married Isabella Sophia, daughter of Richard Hardisty of the H. B. 
C. and has issue: 

Margaret Charlotte, heir presumptive to the barony, married Robert 
Jared Bliss Howard, M. D., of London, England. 

Societies: Royal Colonial Institute; Montreal Nat. Hist. Soc. Brit. 



zrot)t) of ©ttawa 

•-pODD. ALPHEUS. C. M. C; L. L. D. (1) (deceased), 
■*• Librarian of Parliamentary Library, Ottawa. Born in London, 
England, 30 July, 182L Came to Canada with parents when eleven 
years old. In 1 834 at the age of thirteen he drew and published the first 
map of Toronto, then York. When fifteen years of age (1 836) he entered 
the public service as Assistant to the Librarian of the Upper Canada Legis- 
lature at Toronto. Promoted to the full charge of the Parliamentary Lib- 
rary in 1856. Made Honorary Doctor of Laws by Queen's University 
1 88 1 , and the same year C. M. G. Author of the following works : 
"Practice and Privileges of the Two Houses of Parliament" (1840), 
"Parliamentary Government in England" (1866-9), "Parliamentary 
Government in the Colonies" (1880). As a Constitutional authority, 
acknowledged throughout the British Empire, covering a long period of 
his life, and up to the time of his death, he was much consulted in and 
outside of Canada by Governors and Ministers, for his opinion on legislative 
difficulties, as they arose, in the different Colonie*. To this fact the Par- 
liamentary papers of Australasia amply testify. 

Married Orillia, Ontario, 1845, Sarah Ann, 2nd daughter and co-heii' 
of Capt. St. Andrew St. John (q. v.), of his Majesty's 4th and 9th 



Fool (and great grandson of John, Tenth Baron St. John of Bletshoe 
in the Peerage of England). Died in Ottawa 1 884 and left issue : 

1. Philip (1850-99), bom, Toronto, wine merchant, married, Seaforth, 

Ont., June 1 , 1 88 1 , Roiamond, daughter of Dr. Hiram and Harriet 
Marie (Smyth) Lee of London, Ont. Died 1 899. Issue : 

1 . Harriet Eleanor Marguerite, bom 1 883. 

2. Alpheus Beauchamp, born 1 886. 

2. Alfred Hamlyn (q. v.). 

3. Maude St. John, bom, Quebec, 1854, married, Toronto, 1888, 

John Frederick Hill, commercial traveler (of Mexico, Mo.), son of John 
and Eleanor (Buckner) Hill of London, England. Issue: 
Eleanor Maude, born 1 890. 

4. Ernest William, bom, Toronto, 1858, R. N. W. Mounted Police; 

Later Agent B. & O. R. R., Baltimore, Md. Married, Auburn, 
New York, 1 899, Lillian, daughter of WilKam Edwm Kemp, of 
Colborne, Ont. Issue: 

1 . Alpheus Cameron, bom 1 899. 

2. Maude St. John, born 1900. 

3. Herbert George, born, Quebec, 1863, Mechanical engineer, Buenos 
Ayres & Rosario R. R., Campana, Argentine Republic ; Railroad 
Agent N. Y. C. R. R. and Artist, Yonkers, New York. Married, 
Campana, May 24th, 1891, Marcella Marguerita, daughter of 
Michael and Winnifred (Mannion) Murtagh of Giles, Prov. de 
Buenos Ayres. Issue : 

Juanita Guellermina, born April 4th, 1 892. 


Samuel Todd (1 732- 1 820), married (Stepney, Londori, England) Mary Randall of 
Shorditch, London; died Stepney. Issue : 

1. Robert (had two daughters, one son, all died unmarried). 

2. Henry Alpheus Randall Cook (below). 

3. William, died Toronto, leaving several children. 

Henry Alpheus Randall Cook (1762-1861) (Oxon) Book-dealer and amateur artist of 
ability, married Mary Ann (daughter of William Pointz Patrick [vide Patrick] and 
Mary Randall of Needham Market, Suffolk). Came to Canada 1832; author 
"Notes upon Canada and the United States" (1840). Died Toronto. Issue: 

1. Alfred, born Halstead. Essex, 1819 (q. v.). 

2. Alpheus (as above). 

Anns : Sable, two bars wavy between three martlets or : on a shield of pretence, argent, 
on a chief gules, two mullets or, (for St. John). Crest: A wolf's head or, collared 
flory-counter-flory gules. Pendent from the escutcheon, the badge of a Companion 
of the Most Distinguished Order of St. Michael and St. George. 



6rant of Ottavpa. 

M. D. McGai 1 854 ; F. R. C. S., Edinburgh. 1 860; M. R. C S., Lon- 
don 1860; F. R. C. p., London 1873; fifteen years in Parliament for 
Russel county and for Ottawa; in 1 872 introduced a bill to construct the 
Canadian Pacific Ry.; President and Chief of Staff of the General Hosp- 
ital for twenty-five years; Physician to the Governors-General of Canada 
since 1865; Ex- President Ontario Medical Council; President Literary and 
Scientific Soc; President Ottawa Art Assn.; Vice-President International 
Medical Congress, Washington, D. C.;Hon. President Public Health Assn. 
of Canada; Hon. President University of Edinburgh Club of North America; 
Hon. Member American Academy of Medicine; Hon. Member British 
Medical Assn ; holds Medal from "del Benemeriti Italiani" of Palermo ; 
member, Legion of Honor of Italy, 1887; Knighted 1887. 

Sir James was born Aug. 11, 1 83 1 , Inverness, Scotland ; married 
Ottawa, 1856, Maria (daughter of Edward Malloch, M. P. for Carleton, 
merchant of Richmond, Ont., and Margaret Hill). Issue: 

1 . Lt. Col. James Alexander, M. D., P. M. O., of Toronto. 

2. Henry Young, M. D., of Niagara Falls, Ont. 

3. Jessie, married George R. Major, of Niagara Falls, Ont 



4. Mary Louise, mairied James Arthur Cochrane of Hillhurst. 
P.Q. She died 1890. 

5. Edward Cruickshanks, lumber merchant. 

6. William Wright, electrical engineer. 

7. Gwenn. 

8. Harriot. 

Club: Rideau. Residence: The Roxburg, Laurier Ave., Ottawa. 


Junes Grant, born at and resident of Corrimony Co., Inverness, Scotland, a barrister ; 

was awarded in 1819 a prize by the Highland Society of all Scotland, for the be*t 

history of the Gaelic language, and other historical papers; his son 
James (1820-82}, born Inverness, a physician of Edinburgh, married Jane Ogiivy of Inver- 

ness; issue: three sons and six daughters; of these sons, James Alexander (above) is 

Arms: Gules three antique crowiu or, within a bordura cheeky of the second and first. 

Crest: A demi-savage proper. Motto: "I'll stand sure." The shield is surrounded 

by the circlet with pendant badge of the Most Distinguished Order of St. Michae 

and St. George. 

IDiscount flDoncft. 

nPHE appointment of Lord Monck in 1 86 1 to the office of Captam 
*• General and Governor in Chief of Canada was not favorably received 
by the Canadian press at the time, on the ground that he "was an inex- 
perienced and unknown man, utterly unpracticed in any kind of statesmanlike 
work" to guide the Ship of State at the critical period of approaching Con- 



federation. He was not long in office, however, when stirring events proved 
that he possessed all the ability necessary to meet the occasion. First came 
•The Trent affair," 1 862, that raised bad blood in the country, and re- 
quired wise and tactful administration. Then in 1 864 a Ministerial crisis 
was brought about through parties being too evenly balanced in the House 
and the Government was defeated by two on a measure of vital importance 
to the country. On petition of the Ministry for dissolution. His Excellency, 
while expressing his willingness to abide by the advice of his ministers, set 
forth, in an able memorandum, the dilficulties of the situation and advised a 
course that would avoid appealing to the electorate, where there seemed, 
through the excited condition of the country, but litde chance of a satisfac- 
tory result. The wisdom of this advice the Ministry acknowledged and 
followed. Under his regime the plan of Confederation was worked out 
and accomplished in 1 867, he becoming first Governor General; he relin- 
quished office in 1868. (A. Hamlyn Todd.) 

Arm*: Gules, a chevron between three Viom' heads, erased argent. Creit: A wyvem, 
wings, addorsed. table. Supporters: Dexter, a wyvern wings addorted, argent 
langued gules, holding over the dexter thoulder a laurel branch fructed proper; sinis- 
ter, a lion argent langued gules holding over the sinister shoulder a laurel branch 
fructed proper. Motto: "Fortiter, fidelitcr, feliciter." Over the shield the coronet of 
a viscount and, surrounding the shield, the collar, and circlet, with pendant 
badge of a Knight Grand Cross of St. Michael and St. George. 

(lbat>vplck of tToronto* 



EDWARD MARION CHADWICK ( * t ), of Toronto; Barrister 
at law (since 1 863), K. C; Major retired from 2nd Regt. the 
Queen's Own Rifles; Lay Canon and Treasurer of St Albans' Cathedral, 
Toronto; an Honorary Chief of the Six Nations Indians, having been adopt- 
ed by Chiefs in Council into the Anowara, or Turtle Clan of the Mohawk 
Nation, by the name of Shagotyohgwisaks. Born 22 Sept., 1 840, third 
son of John Craven Chad wick, who came to Canada in 1837 and settled 
in the Township of Ancaster, afterwards Guelph, and his wife Louisa, 
daughter of Jonathan Bell (see Foster's Royal Descents), who was fourth 
son of John Craven Chadwick of Ballinard, Tipperary, Ireland. Is member of 
the Convention International d'Heraldique (European Continental), and of the 
Society of Genealogists of London, England. Author of "Ontarian Families." 

Married (firstly) 28 June, 1 864, Ellen Byrne, daughter of James 
Beatty of Toronto, who died 1 Feb., 1 865; married (secondly) 20 Feb., 
1 868, Maria Martha, daughter of Alexander Fisher, and has had issue. See 
following article. 

Residence: "Lanmar," 107 Howland Ave., Toronto. 

Anns : Per pale gulei and sable; within an orle of eight martlets argent an isescutcheon of 
the tame charged with a cross gules, in the first qoarter a crescent sable: with an 
escutcheon of pretence (for Fisher) azure, three fishes argent naiant in pale, on a 
chief or a kingfisher proper between two fraises gules. Crest: A white martlet bearing 
in his bill a white lily stemmed and leaved proper borne fesseways the flowers to 
tho sinister. Mottoes: Above. "In candore decus;" beneath. "Toujouis pret." 



The sons and daughters of the foregoing are: 

1. William Craven Vaux Chadwick, of Toronto, architect; Lieut. Col. 

commanding 9th Mississauga Horse, Active Militia of Canada. Born, 
6 Dec, 1 868, married Jessie Dorothea, daughter of Robert Murray, 
merchant in New York (descendant of an officer of the Garrison of 
Londonderry, Ireland, during the seige in 1 688), had issue Patricia 
Katherine, who died in infancy. 

2. Edward Alister Eade, of the Imperial Bank, Toronto. Bom 13 Feb., 

1871, manied Florence Edith, daughter of Capt. Thomas Campbell 
Kemp, and has issue: 

1 . Edward Norman Loud. 

2. Austin Ralph. 

3. Florence Marion (by official registration in Montreal John 


3. George D'Arcy Austin, of the Manufacturers* Life Insurance Co. Artist; 

bom 22 Feb., 1 880, married Bessie Carlisle, daughter of Capt. John 
Edward Mac Corqudale. 

4. Richard Ellard Garden, of Montreal, Civil Elngineer. Bom, Feb. 1 6, 


5. Bryan Damer Seymour, of Toronto, architect; bora 24 June, 1888. 

1 . Farmy Marion, married to James Grayson Smith, of Toronto, barrister 

at law, and died, leavmg issue : 
Hugh Henderson Grayson Smith. 

2. Louisa Mary Caroline. 

Anns: Quarterly: I and 4 (tame as above, without escutcheon of pretence). 2 and 3 
(same as above, escutcheon of pretence). Crest: (same as above) with motto, 
"In candore decus." 2. A lion rampant azure, holding a maple leaf gule* with 
motto, "Hope wins success." Mott», beneath. "Toujours pret." 

Cocksbutt of Brantfor^ 

WILLIAM FOSTER COCKSHUTT ( ' ), M. P., bom Brantford 
Ont., 17 Oct., 1855. Member for Brantford 1904-8, and 
1911; merchant; manufacturer; Ex-president, Cockshutt Plow Co., Mem- 
ber Electric Power Commission of Ontario; six times delegate to the 
Chamber of Commerce of the Empire; fifteen years member Council of 
Toronto Board of Trade, on directorate of several companies. Chairman, 
Laycock Orphanage; Member Executive Synod of Huron, and of General 



He married Brantford, April 8, 1 89 1 , Minnie Turner, daughter of the 
Rev. Robert Ashton (and Alice Turner of London, Elngland), principal of 
the Mohawk Institute of Brantford. Issue: 

1. William Ashton, born July 28, 1892. 

2. George Turner, born Feb. 1 7, 1 894. 

3. Eric Morton, born Jan. 23, 1896. 

4. Maude Leslie, born July 4, 1 898. 

5. Clarence Foster, bom July 1 6, 190L 

6. Phyllis Ashton, bom June 7, 1 903. 

Residences: Brantford, Ont. Lake of Bays (Muskoka, Ont). 

Clubs: Brantford Club; Country Club; Dufferia Rifle Mess; National. 


Elclmuncl Cockshutt, a wealthy manufacturer and feu-m-owner of Worsaw Hill, Clitheroe, 
Lancashire, had a grandson 

James Cock$hutt, a manufacturer of Bradford York, and Colne Lane, (firm of J. & J. 
Cockshutt). Married, 1810, Mary Nightingale, a cousin of the celebrated Florence 
Nightingale and daughter-in-law of Benjamin Ingham, founder of that sect. Came 
to Canada 1827 in bark "Lady Digby" for Quebec; thence by stage to York, U. C. 
Elstablished business there and later at Brantford [subsequently the I. & J. Cock- 
shutt Co.]. In 1 840 re- visited England to pay off all business debts contracted through 
his failuie in the cotton famine, previous to emigrating. Died Toronto 1866. Issue: 



1 . Jane, married Alfred Laycock of Blenheim, Ont. 

2. Ignatius, born Bradford, York, 1812, a gentleman of sterling worth and integrity; a 

pioneer, manufacturer, promoter, and philanthropist, known in later year* as "the 
grand old man of Brantf ord," connected with the following enterprises : The Grand 
River Nav. Co.; Director of the Buffalo, Goderich & Lake Huron R. R. (first 
railway through Brantford ); President of the B. Gas Co., The B. Water Works, 
the Craven Cotton Co. ; Vice-President of the Cockshutt Plow Co. Built the 
B. Orphans' Home. He married (firstly) Montreal, 1846, Margaret, daughter of 
Alexander Gemmel (of Paisley, Scotland, and of Montreal). She died 1847, 
leaving issue : 

Mary M., married to George Kippan of Brantford. 
Married (secondly) 1850, Elizabeth (daughter of Francis Foster of Subden, Lane). She 
died 1891. He died Brantford 1901. Issue: 

1. James, born 1832. 

2. Charles. 

3. William Foster (u above). 

4. Frank. 

5. Alice (died young). 

6. Edward L. 

7. Elizabeth, married George Drummond, of MontreaL 

8. Helen R. 

9. Henry (president of the Cockshutt Plow Co.). 

Arms: Gules guttee argent on a chief or a griffin passamt sable. Crest: A demi-griffin table. 

Bucbanan of HDontreaL 

**• born Montreal, 4th Nov., 1 870, Advocate and King's Counsel; 
author of "The Buchanan Book." 



Married, Stoke Poges, Bucks, England, June 2, 1 897, Berthe Louise, 
daughter of Willizun Quirin, merchant of Boston, Mass. (and Isabelle Mer- 
cer). Issue: 

1 . Erskine Brock Quirin, bom 1 898. 

2. Audrey Isabel Patricia, born 1 900. 

Clubs: St. James, Montreal Hunt, Royal Montreal Golf. Societies: The 
Buchanan, The Champlain. Residence : 73 1 Pine Ave. West, 


Alexander Buchanan (1706-1810), born near Fintona, resident or Ednasop or Mill- 
town Co., TjTone, Ireland, died Ednasop (descended from William Buchanan, the 
last Laird of Blairvockie, who sold that estate about 1 695 and went to Ireland j; his son 

Dr. John Buchanan (1769-1815), born Eccles Green, near Fintona, Army Surgeon 
H. M. 49th. Foot; married (firstly) Lucy Richardson, who died 1803. Issue: 

1. Alexander (below). 

2. John (1800-37), married Catherine Grant. 

3. Jane Mary (1801-72). married William Hall. 

Married (secondly) Ursule (daughter of Hon. Joseph Francois Renault of Quebec), died 
Quebec. His son 

Alexander Buchanan (1798.1851), Q. C, born Gosport, England. Admitted to Bar of 
Lower Canada 1819; Kings Counsel 1835; Commissioner for L. C. in settlement of 
boundaries between the Canadas ; Judge of the Court of Requests 1 839 ; Oown 
Prosecutor, 1840-5; Member of Council, Montreal Bar 1851. (For fuller infor- 
mation see the Buchanan Book.) Married Mary Ann, daughter of James Buchanan 
( 1 772- 1 85 1 ) ; British Consul at New York 1 8 1 6-43 ; died Montreal. Issue : 

1. George Carlo Vidua (1825-1901), Judge of the Superior Comt of the 

District of Bedford. Married Abbie Louisa Snow. (Issue.) 

2. Elizabeth Jane (1827-97), married Lt. Col. George Blicke Champion 

de Qespigny, son of Charles Fox de Crespigny of Uxbridge, Mid- 
dlesex. (Issue.) 

3. Wentworth James (1828-1905), married Agatha, daughter of Major 

Arnold R. Burrowes, 3rd Foot Guards, and later of Woodstock 
U. C. (Issue.) 

4. William Robert (1830-1902), married (firstly) Miss Muslewhite, married 

(secondly) Emma Brickwood, (Issue.) 

5. Alexander Brock (below). 

6. Margaret Lucy (1834-7). 

7. Frederick Albert (1836-42). 

8. Mary Alexandrina (184! -died young). 

9. Mary (1842-1901), married Rev. R. Mainwaring Williams of Ham- 

hill Rectory, Cirencester, Gloucestershire. (Issue.) 
Alexander Brock Buchanan (above), born Montreal 1832; banker; married Elizabeth Ann, 
daughter of Francis Best of Montreal. Issue: 

1. George Reid (1858-61). 

2. Alexander, born 1861, married Anne Mary, daughter of Hou. James 

O'Brien of Montreal. 

3. Robert Charles, born 1867, married Mary Jane, daughter of William Mc- 

Limont of Quebec. (Issue.) 

4. Arthur William Patrick (as above). 

5. Albert Edward Clarence (twin), bom 1870. 



1. Elizabeth Emily (1859-80). 

2. Frances (Lily), married Arthur H. Buchanan of Spokane, Wuh. 

3. Ethel (Cherry) (1865-98). 

4. Gwendoline (1877-96). 

Arms : Or, a h'on rampant sable within a double tressure. flory-counter-flory gules. Crest: 
A hand holding up a ducal cap, purple, lined ermine, tufted on the top with a rose 
gules, within two branches of laurel disposed orleways proper. Motto: "Juve 

Caadcld of (Ottawa* 

1 4 August, 1 845 ; Judge of the Elxchequer Court of Canada, 
appointed 2 March. 1908; Q. C, 1883. 

Married Quebec, Sept. 24, 1873, Susan, daughter of Robert Hamil- 
ton of Hamwood, Quebec (see Hamilton of Hamwood), and Isabella 
Thomson. Issue: 

1. Isabel Hamilton (1875-86). 

2. Robert Cecil Hamilton, born August 2, 1 876, married, Oct. 25, 1905, 

Mollie Waldie, daughter of John Waldie of Toronto. (Issue.) 

3. Mary Kathleen Hamilton, born April 5, 1878; married, Toronto, Feb. 

22, 1905, Harry Duncan Lockart Gordon, of Toronto. (Issue.) 

4. Harriet Frances Hamilton, born Jan. 1 , 1 880. 



5. George Hamilton, born July I 7, 1 882, married, Toronto, Sept. 30, 

1909, Cecil Vivian Kerr, daughter of Hon. James Kirkpatrick Kerr 
(q. V.) of Toronto. 

6. Susie Hamilton, born Jan. 1 9, 1 884. 

7. Walter Craigie Hampton (1887-92). 

8. Jessie Hamilton, born May 15,1 890. 

Clubs: Toronto, and Toronto Golf; Rideau, and Country Club (Ottawa); 
Halifax Club. 

Residence: 21 Blackburn Ave., Ottawa. 


Walter Gibson Pringle Cassels (as above), son of 

Major Robert Cassels (1815-82), born Leith. Scotland; bank manager, Evesham, 
Worcestershire; came to Canada 1837; manager British Bank of North America, 
Quebec, 1841; Montreal, 1855; President St. Andrews Soc, Quebec and Toronto; 
President St. James Club, Montreal ; Director G. T. R.; Trustee Queen's College, 
Kingston; Major, Montreal Volunteer Artillery; married 1838, Halifax, Mary 
Gibbens (daughter of tion. Jas. Mac Nab, Receiver General of Nova Scotia) ; 
his father 

Walter Gibson Cassels (1777-1868), born Leith; inherited estate of his maternal grandfather 
Walter Gibson (see below); Manager National Bank of Scotland; a noted author on 
currency questions; consulted by Parliament; Chief Magistrate, Leith 1813; mar- 
ried, Janet (daughter of John Scugall, merchant of Leith) ; died a strong Christian; 
his father 

Andrew Cassels (1731-1814), born Barrowstowness (Bo'ness), Chief Magistrate, Leith 
1800; a wealthy shipowner and merchant; a religious, amiable and hospitable man; 
married (firstly) Margaret, daughter of John Ritchie (seven generations of John 
Ritchies were born and died in the same house at Bo'ness); married (secondly) 
Anne (daughter of Walter Gibson of Greenknowe, Stirlingshire, whose Saxon lineage 
see below); she was mother of Walter Gibson Cassels (above): Andrew was son of 

James Cassels ( 1696-1760), born Bo'ness; merchant shipowner; James was son of 

Andrew Cassillis, born Bo'ness 1668; merchant shipowner, and Chief Magistrate; he mar- 
ried Hannah (daughter of John Gib of Bo'ness); his father 

James Cassillis, born 1624; a wealthy shipowner of Bo'ness; married Euphemia Cassillis. 

Arms (Registered Lyon office 1864) : Argent, a chevron gules between two cross cross- 
lets fitchee in chief, and a key fesseways ward downwards in base sable. Crest: A 
dolphin naiant or. Motto, above the crest: "Avise la fin." 



Walter Gibson (1717-1800), Laird of Greenknowe, Stirlingshire. Scotland, son of 
Dr. John Gibson (1 666- 1765) and Catherine Home, daughter of 
George Home, 4th Laird of Bassendean (and Catherine Pringle); son of 
Alexander Home, 3rd Laird (and Sibella Brown); son of 
George Home, 2nd Laird (and Jean Seaton); son of 
William Home, 1st Laird (and Mariotte Pringle); 3rd son of 

Sir John Home, of Coldingknows (and Margaret, daughter of Sir Andrew Kerr of Gen* 
ford, ancestor of the Duke of Roxburghe): son of 



Mongo Home, of Coldingknowt (and Ellizabeth, daughter of Jame*. Earl of Buchanan, de- 
scendant of King Edward III); son of 

John Home, of Whitrigs and Ersilton, ambassador to England 1491; 2nd son of 

Alexander, 1st Lord Home (creation 14931; son of 

Sir Thomas Home (and Nicola Pepdie, heiresss of Dunglassj; son of 

Sir John Home; son of 

Roger Home; son of 

Galfiidus Home; son of 

William, first to use the surname "Home;" ton of 

William by his 2nd wife Ada, daughter of Patrick, Earl of Dimbar and March (a (le< 
tcendant of King William the Lyon); son of 

William, of Greenlaw; 2nd son of 

Gospatrick, 3rd Earl of Dunbar and March; son of 

Gospatrick, 2nd Earl of Dunbar and March; son of 

Gospatrick, 1st Earl of Dunbar and March; son of 

Gospatrick, a Saxon nobleman, and Agablia, who was daughter of Uthred, a Saxon 
Prince of Northumberland (and Princess Elgiva, daughter of King Ethelred II of 
England]; son of 

King Edgar (and Elfrida); son of 

King Edmund I; son of 

King Edward I; son of 

King Alfred, the Great. 

z^o^^ of Ottawa* 

ALFRED HAMLYN TODD ( •). born Toronto. 25 Oct.. 1851. 
son of ALPHEUS TODD (q. v.) of Ottawa, Ont. Entered the 
Civil Service 1 869 as clerk, Library of Parliament, Ottawa. Is now Chief 



Clerk. Served In all ranks of the Militia of Canada from cadet ( 1 866) 
to Lieut.-Col. Governor General's Foot Guards; resigned 1 892. Holds 
III. class Military School Certificate, Halifax 1874; Member Wimbledon 
teams 1879 and 1880, Adjutant Bisley team 1890; Commanded Ottawa 
Contingent Northwest Rebellion 1885 (medal); V. O. Service Decora- 
tion. Edited 2nd editions "Todd's Parliamentary Government 'n England" 
(1887); "Parliamentary Government in the Colonies" (1894). 

Married Ottawa 1884, Amelia Annie, daughter of John Bell Gordon, 
of Goderich, Ont., and Elizabeth Amelia MacDonald. Issue: 

1 . Cyril Gordon, born 1 6 July, 1 885 ; died young. 

2. Mona Gertrude, bom 16 Jan., 1887; married, 7th. Sept., 1904, 

Herbert Edward (son of William Flewker and Ellizabeth 
Geldart of Bedford, Eng.) Issue : 

1. Aline (died infaat). 

2. Dorothea Leslie. 

3. Ambrose St. John, born 1 si. May, 1 889, died young. 

4. Basil Gordon, born 7th. Oct., 1 890. 

5. Edith St. John, born 5th. Nov., 1894. 

6. Oswald Gordon, born 1 7th. Sept., 1 896. 

7. Keith Hamlyn, born 5th. Nov., 1 898. 

8. Gwytha Beryl, born 25th. Feb.. 1904. 

Residence : 1 3 Kent St, Ottawa. Club : Rivermead Golf. 

Arms: — Quarterly: 1st. and 4th. Sable, two bars wavy between three martlets or, (for 
Todd): 2nd. and 3td, argent, on a chief gules, two mullets or, (for St- John) 
Crest: A wolf's head or, collared flory-counter-flory gulet. Motto: "Duris noo 

Br^mner of flDontreal 

WrlLLIAM BRYMNER (*), P. R. C. A., born. Greenock, Scotland, 
' ' 1 4th. Dec, 1855; came with his parents to Canada when two years 
old; artist; unmarried. Studied painting in Paris underWilliam A. Bougue- 
reau and Tony Robert Fleury from 1 878-84 ; in charge of the Art school 
of the Art Association, Montreal, since 1886; Pres. R. C A. since 1909; 
received gold medal for painting, Pan-American Exhibition, Buffalo, N. Y., 
1902, and silver medal, St. Louis, Mo., Exhibition 1904. 

Clubs: St. James, Pen and Pencil (Montreal). Societies: Roya! 
Canadian Academy of Arts, Canadian Art Club (Toronto). Residence : 
255 Bleury St., Montreal. 




Alexander Brymner, born Sterling, Scotland, a landed proprietor, manied Mary Crawford. 
His son 

Alexander, born Sterling, 1 755, an array contractor who died at Sterling, leaving issue. 

Alexander (1788-1861), born Sterling, a banker at Greenock, married Elizabeth, daughter 
of John Fairlie. He died at Greenock. His son 

Douglas (1823-1902), born Greenock, came to Canada 1857. First Dominion Archivist, 
Ottawa; L. L. D. Queens; married Jean, daughter of William Thomson of Green- 
ock. Died New Westminister, B. C, while visiting. Issue: 
I.Alexander (1854-5). 

2. William (as above). 

3. George Douglas, born 1857, married Anne Elizabeth Harrison of Strat- 

ford, Ont. 

4. Anne Steel (1859-72). 

5. James Greenshields, born 1861, married Rose Armstrong of New West- 

minster, B. C. 

6. Elizabeth Fairlie, born 1 863, married Frederick Colson. Department of 

the Secretary of State, Ottawa. 

7. Cecil Stuart Graham (1869-76). 

8. Agnes Jean (1871-90). 

9. Robert Thomson, born 1875, married George Grace Stuart of Belleville. 


St. 3obn of ©rillla. 



QT. ANDREW ST. JOHN ( t ) (deceased), born 28 June. 1794, 
Captain in H. B. M's. 4ih Foot and 9th Foot, married in old Kirk 
Bradden, Douglas, Isle-of-Man, Margaret, eldest daughter of Philip Moore, 
(q. V.) of "Balla Moore," near Peel. Came to Canada and settled on a 
grant of land at Orillia, U. C. Died 1838. Issue: 

1 . Jane Margaret married (firstly) James Scott of Orillia, who 
died in 1847; (secondly) 1860, Toronto, Lucius Richard 
O'Brien (q. v.,) of Shanty Bay, Ont. 

2. Sarah Ann married 1 845 Alpheus Todd of Montreal. 
(See Todd of Ottawa.) 

3. Arabella Diana Hamlyn, married 1849 George Hallen 
of Orillia. (She died 1910.) 


St. Andrew St. John (above) was eldest son of 

Ambrose St. John (1760-1823) and Arabella (daughter of Sir. James Hamlyn, Bart., 
whose wife Arabella was niece and heir of Sir Nicholas Williams, Kt. of 
Edwinsford, Carmarthen, Lord Lieutenant of the county, who died Sept. 1745). He 
was eldest son of 

Very Rev. St. Andrew St. John, D. D., Dean of Worcester, 1 732-95 (and Sarah, daugh- 
ter of Thomas Chase of Bromley Kent), who was second son of 

John, 10th Baron St. John (and Elizabeth, daughter of Sir Ambrose Crowley of 
Greenwich, Sheriff of London, 1706-7, who obtained a grant of arms §. His 
father Ambrose Ctowley, a Quaker of Stourbridge at the Visitations of 1682-3, 
"disclaimed all right to arms and gentility"). He died 1757. He was fourth son of 

Sir Andrew St. John, 2nd Bart, (and Jane, only daughter of Sir William Blois § of 
Cockfleld Hall, Suffolk). He died 1701. He was eldest son of 

Sir Oliver St. John, created baronet 1601 (died 1661) and Barbara, daughter and co-heir 
of John St. Andrew j of Gotham, Notts, (a descendant of Pagan js de St. Andrew 
temps, Henry II, Visitation of Notts, 1614). His father 

Sir Roland St. John, K. B., M. P., for Bedfordshire, married Sybilla, daughter of Joha 
Vaughan of Hargast Hereford, and died 1645; was fourth son of 

Ohver, 3rd Baron St. John (whose eldest son Oliver was 1 st. Earl of Bolingbroke}. He 
married Dorothy (daughter of Sir John Rede of Odington, Co. Gloucester). He 
died 1618; was second son of 



Oliver, elevated to the Peerage 1 558, as I st Lord St. John of Bletshoe, who sat in 
judgment {temps Elizabeth} upon Thomas, Duke of Norfolk. He married Agnes 
(daughter of John Either and granddaughter and heir of Sir Michael Fisher, Knt.). 
He died 1582. His father 

Sir John St. John married Margaret (daughter of Sir William Waldegrave, K. B., of 
Smallbridge, Suffolk). [Arms per pale argent and gules.] He was eldest son of 

Sir John St. John, K. B., of Bletshoe (and Sybl, daughter of Morgan ap Jenkyns ap 
Philip), son of 

Sir John St. John, K. B. (and Alice, daughter of Sir Thomas Bradshaigh § of Haig, Co. 
Lancaster, a descendant of Sir John Bradshaw, a Saxon living at the Conquest) i 
eldest son of 

Sir Oliver St, John of Bletshoe and Penmark, who married {temps Henry VI) Margaret 
(daughter of Sir John, Lord Beauchamp, and sister and heir of John, Lord 
Beauchamp, § of Bletshoe [title created 1363]. Note: After Sir Oliver died; 
Margaret married, secondly, 1440, John Beaufort, Duke of Somerset, and their 
only child Margaret married, 1455, Edmund Tudor, Earl of Richmond, who was, 
by her, father of Henry VII). Sir Oliver was a descendant of 

William de St. John of Faumont, Co. Glamorgan, second son of 

Robert de St. John, Lord of Basing, Co. Southampton, who was summoned by Henry III 
"to be at Chester on Monday next after the Feast of St. John the Baptist well 
accoutered with horse and arms to oppose the incursions of the Welsh." He mar- 
ried Agnes, daughter of WiUiam de Cantelupe j5. His father 

William de St. John, who assumed the name of his maternal ancestors, was son of 

Mabil Orvyl (and Adam de Port, a powerful feudal baron of Basing). She was daughter of 

Muriel (and Reginald de Aura Valle or Orvyl), a daughter of 

Roger de St. John, who married Cicely, daughter and heiress of Robert de Haya, lord of 
the Manor of Halnac, Suffolk, a kinsman of Henry I. Roger's father 

John de St. John of Stanton, Oxfordshire, a man of great eminence in the reign of William 
Rufus, was one of twelve knights who accompanied the Earl of Gloucester in a war 
against the Welsh and received, "in reward for his great services and helps and 
many victories," the castle of Faumont, Glamorgan. His father 

William de St. John (whose name came from the territory of St. John, near Rouen) came 
into England with William the Conqueror as grand meister of artillery and supervisor 
of the wagons and carriages, whence the horses' hames or collars were bom as his 
cognizance (Burke). Hemanied Olivia, daughter of Ralph de Filgiers of Normandy. 

Arms (Quartering Beauchamp and St. Andrew): Argent on a chief gules two mullets or. 
Crest: On a mount vert a falcon rising or, belled of the last, ducally gorged gules. 
Motto: "Data fata secutus." Note: J. H. Round m his English "Libro d'Oro" says 
that St. John is the only peerage family descended in the meJe line from an 
ancestor living in the time of Doomsday. 



fleming of Ottawa 

E.. etc. ( * t § ), son of ANDREW GREIG FLEMING and 
ELIZABETH ARNOT. Bom Kirkaldy, Fifeshire, Scotland. 1827, 
where he was educated as a surveyor and engineer. Emigrated 1845, 
entering service of the Northern R. R. of Canada, becoming chief engineer 
in 1 85 7. Was sent 1 863 to England, to promote railroad communication 
between the Red River District (tiow Manitoba) and the East; was 
chief engineer during construction of the Intercolonial R. R.; largely respon- 
sible for the successful construction of the C. P. R.; responsible for the 
establishing of universal time; planned the construction of the British Empire 
chain of cables. Author of many books covering his several projects in 
Dominion and Empire affairs. Member of many geographical societies; 
Vice-President of the United Empire League. 

Manied, 1655, Ann Jean, daughter of the late Sheriff Hall of 
Pcterboro, Ont. 

Residence: "Winterholme," Ottawa. 

(For a fuller account of the life of this most loyal, eminent, and 
remarkable man see Morgan's "Canadian Men and Women of the Time"~ 



Aim*: Gules a chevron within a double tressuie flory-counter-flory argent. Crest: A goal's 
head erased argent armed or. Motto: "Let the deed shaw." Surrounding the 
shield, the circlet and pendant badge o( a Knight Commander o( the Most Distin- 
guished Order of St. Michael and St. George. 

t)amllton of 1bamwoo& ( (Quebec ). 

JOHN HAMILTON, ESQ. ( " § ), M. A.. D. C L, Chancellor 
University of Bishop's College, Lennoxville, Quebec. Retired merchant. 
Born 7 Sept., 1 85 1 , New Liverpool, Quebec. Married 25 April, 1877, 
at Quebec, Ida Mary, daughter of Alexander Carlisle Buchanan (and 
C. L. C. Bowen, his wife). Immigration Commissioner at Quebec. Issue : 

1. Constance Naomi, born 1879; married, 1905, Arthur 
Carington Smith. 

2. Edith Craigie, born 1881. 

3. Mary Frances Vera, born 1 885. 

4. Jessie Irene, bom 1887. 

Clubs: Quebec Garrison, Royal Canadian Yacht, American Universities 
(London). Societies: Quebec Literary and Historical Society; 
Champlain Society (President). 

Residences: Hamwood, Quebec. "Moss Craig," Cacouna, Quebec 




Hugh Hamilton, of Ballybreagh, Ireland, married Mary Rots, of Roitrevor. He died 

1 728. Issue : 
Alexander Hamilton, M. P., who died 1 768. Isiue : 
Charles Hamilton, who married Elizabeth (daughter of Crewe Chetwood). He died 1818. 

Issue : 
George Hamilton, bom Sheephili, Co. Meath, Ireland; came to Canada 1808, became 

a lumber merchant at Hawkesbury, Ont. ; married Susanna C. (daughter of John 
Ctaigie); died 1839. Hawkesbury. Issue: 

1. Robert (1822-98). 

2. George (1824-56). 

3. John (1827-88), Senator. 

4. Charles, born 1834, Archbishop of Ottawa fq. v.). 

5. Francis, born 1838. 

Robert Hamilton (1822-98), born New Liverpool, Quebec; a lumber merchant of Quebec; 
and Hawkesbury ; married Isabella H. (daughter of John Thomson of Quebec) 
died Quebec. Issue : 

1. Isabella, born 1845, married Col. De La C. T. Irwin, C. M. G. (q. v.). 

2. Susan, born 1847, married Hon. Walter Gibson Pringle CaiieU, K. C, Judge 

of the Exchequer Court (q. v.). 

3. George (1850-80). 

4. John, born 1 85 1 (as above). 

5. Robina, born 1853. 

6. Frances (1855-88). 

7. Jessie (1857-86). 

8. Henrietta M.,born 1863, married Archdeacon Cole, D. C. L.,B. D. ofTaranaki 

New Zealand. 
See "Hamilton of Hamwood" in Burke's "Landed Gentry of Ireland," 1904. 
Arms: Quarterly gules and argent; in the first and fourth quarters, three cinquefoils pierced 
ermine and a canton of the second charged with a trefoil slipped vert: in the second 
and third quarters a lymphad with the sails furled, and oars out sable. Crest : Out 
of a ducal coronet or, an oak-tree fructed and penetrated transversely in the main- 
stem by a frame-saw proper, frame or, the blade bearing the word "Through;" 
suspended from one of the branches a shield argent charged with a trefoil slipped 
vert. Motto: "Sola Nobilitas Virtus." 

Ibamilton of ©ttawa. 

■■• C. L., Archbishop (Anglican) of Ottawa and Metropolitan of Canada 
( * $ ). Born at Hawkesbury, Ont., 6 Jan., 1 834. Graduate of 
University College of Oxford, England; D. D. Bishop's College, Lennoxville; 
D. C. L. Trinity, Toronto; consecrated a Bishop of the Church of God on 
the Festival of St. Philip and St. James, May 1st, 1885, and enthroned in 
the Cathedral in Hamilton, Ont., as Bishop of Niagara; translated to the 
diocese of Ottawa, and enthroned in the Cathedral as first Bishop of Ottawa, 
May 1 St, 1 896; First Archbishop of Ottawa since 1 899. 

Married 25 Feb.. 1862, at St Michael's Church. Quebec 



Frances Louisa Hume, daughter of Tannatl Houston Thomson, Deputy 
Conmiissary General of Toronto, and Margaret Anne Ussher. Issue : 

1. Charles Robert, bom Aug. 15, 1867, of Vancouver. 

2. Lilian Margaret, bom June 1 6, 1 869. 

3. Mabel Frances, born July 25, 1870; married Edward 
Kirwan Counsell Martin of Hamilton. (Issue.) 

4. Ethel Mary, born Nov. 14, 1871. 

5. Hubert Valentine ( 1 873- 1 903). 

6. Winnifred Katherine (1875-80). 

7. Harold Francis (Rev.), bom Oct. 5, 1876, of Bishop's 
College, Lennoxvilie. 

8. Mary Agnes, born 1878. 

9. George Theodore, born July 5, 1881. 
Residence : Archbishop's Palace, 495 Wilbrod St., Ottawa, 


Dr. Hamilton is the 4th son of Lt. Col. George Hamilton of Quebec and Hawkesbury, 
Ont, (and Lucy Susanna Christiana Craigie). [See Hamilton of Hamwood.] 

Arms: Party per pale; Dexter, argent a cross gules, in the first quarter a key surmounted 
by a pastoral staff ia saltire proper. On a chief azure an oak tree issuing from a 
ducal coronet, the trunk pierced by a saw bearing the word "Through," all proper the 



frame or (for Diocese of Ottawa): Sinister; quarterly, Isl and 4th gules three 
cinquefoils pierced ermine, a canton argent charged with a trefoil vert; 2nd and 3rd 
argent a lymphad sable (for Hamilton). Motto: "Sola Nobilitai Virtus." Over 
the shield the mitre of a Bishop. Note : The tree in the diocesan arms is taken, in 
compliment to Dr. Hamilton as first bishop, from his family crest. Burke gives the 
following account of the origin of this crest: "Sir Gilbert Hamilton, founder of the 
family, having slain John de Spencer in a rencounter, fled from the court of Edward 
1 1. Being pursued, he and his attendant changed clothes with two wood-cutters, 
and, taking their saws, were in the act of cutting through an oak tree, when his pur- 
suers passed by. Perceiving his servant notice them. Sir Gilbert hastily called out: 
'Through,' which word, vsdth the oak and saw through it, he took for a crest to 
commemorate his deliverance." 

Hrvoln of ©ttawa* 

^^ Hon. A. D. C. to the Earl of Minto and to Earl Grey, Governors- 
General; born Carnagh House, Co. Armagh, Ireland, 3 1 March, 1 843. 
Hon. Colonel retired list Royal Canadian Artillery; Hon. Lieut. Col. re- 
tired list Royal Artillery; C. M. G. ( 1 900); Hon. Sect. Canadian Patriotic 
Fund. (See "Who's who" and Debrett.) Came to Canada 1861 with 
1 0th Brigade Royal Artillery; stationed at Halifax, Montreal, Kingston, 
and Quebec. Settled in Ottawa 1 882 as Dominion Inspector of Artillery. 
Married Quebec, April 25, 1867, Isabella, daughter of Robert 



Hamilton [see Hatnilton. of Hamwood. Quebec] and Isabella Thomson. 

1. Isabel Gladys Hamilton, bom 2 August, 1884, married 
1907 to Capt. Alan Z. Palmer of Ottawa, 

2. Arthur De la Cherois, born 30 Oct., 1885, Lieut R. O., 
Inspector Royal N. W. Mounted Police. 

3. Robert Hamilton, born 28 Oct., 1887, B. Sc., Lieut. 
R. C E. 

4. William Eric Crommelin, bom 24 Jan., 1890, B. Sc. 

Clubs: Rideau Golf, Rideau Curling, Gov. General's Curling, Matane 

Fishing, Denholm Fishing, Minto Skatmg. 
Residences: 1 70 Cooper St., Ottawa, Ont. Carnagh House, Co. Armagh, 



William Irwin of the Irwins of Bonshaw, Scotland, had a son 

William Irwin, who obtained in 1680 grant of Camagh estate, Co. Armagh, Ireland. His 

William Irwin (1675-1737), landowner, married Sara Monson. Their son 
Arthur Irwin (1725-1795), landowner and J. P., Greenmounl, Co. Monahan, married 

Alicia, daughter of Daniel Kelly of Castle Dawson, Armagh; their 4th son James 

was great grandfather to President Benjamin Harrison, U. S. A.; their eldest son 
William Irwin (1756-1835), born Greenmount, landowner and J. P., married Eliza 

(daughter of John Owens of Stonehouse, Co. Louth). His second son: 
John Robert Irwin (1788-1871), born Greenmount, J. P., Lieut. H. M. 25th Foot (1809) 

of Carnagh House, married Elizabeth Emily (daughter of Nicholas De la Cherois 

Crommelin of Carrowdore Castle, Co. Down. Descended from a French family. 

who left France on the Revocation of the Edict of Nantes). Issue: 

1. William Arthur (1841-96), married Eliza Browne. 

2. De la Cherois Thomas (as above). 

3. John Frederick (1847-1901), married Anne StannistreeL 

4. Fitzjohn Robert (1849-82), married Saidee Murray-Ker. 

5. Edmund Herbert De Moleyns, bom 1856, married Mary Boyer. 

6. Emily EUizabeth, born 1850. 

7. Alice Clara, bom 1852. 

Arms (Registered Ulster's office 1907): Argent on a fesse engrailed gules between three 
holly leaves vert, a trefoil slipped or. Crest : On a wreath of the colours a forearm 
vambraced charged with a trefoil as in the arms. The hand bare grasping a thittle 
all proper. Motto: "Nemo me irapune lacesslt." Pendant from the shield, the 
ba<^e of the Most Distinguished Order of St. Michael and St. George. 

Ikerr of ^Toronto. 

born Township of Puslinch, Ont., 1 st Aug., 1 84 1 . Life Senator 
of anada since 1903; called to Bar 1862; Q. C. for Ontario 1876, for 
Canada 1881; Grand Master of Masonic Lodge of Canada 1874-7, 



created Knight Grand Cross of the Temple (England and Wales) 1883; 
Speaker of the Senate of Canada, 1 909- 1 1 ; summoned to His Majesty's 
Privy Council for Canada, 6th Oct., 1911. 

Married (firstly) 1 864 Anne Margaret (daughter of the Hon. William 
Hume Blake, Chancellor of Upper Canada). She died 1 882 without issue. 
Married (secondly) 5 th Dec, 1883, Adelaide Cecil, daughter and co- 
heir of the Rev. George Stanley-Pinhorne, Cumberland, England, and niece 
of the Rt. Hon. Alexander Staveley Hill, K. C, M. P. of Oxley Manor, 
Staffordshire. Issue : 

1 . Cecil Vivian, bom 1 6 Nov., 1 884; married, Toronto, 30th 
Sept., 1 909, George Hamilton Cassels, Barrister of Toronto, 
2nd son of Walter Gibson Pringle Cassels (q. v.). Judge of 
the Exchequer Court, Ottawa. 

2. Nadine Jane Hamilton, born 31 Dec, 1885, married, 
Toronto, 16 Feb., 1909, Edmund Featherstone Osier 
(late of the Duke of Cambridge's Own Middlesex Regiment), 
Lakeview Farm, Bronte, Ont., 2nd son of Sir Edmund 
Osier, M. P. of Craigleigh, Toronto. 

3. Evelyn Adela, bom 9th March, 1887, manied, Toronto, 
3rd Sept., 1908, William Harty of Kingston. Out.. 2nd 



son of the Hon. William Harty, Elx.-M. P. of Kingston. 

4. Stanley Chandos Staveley, born 6 April, 1889; B. A. 

5. Florence Petronelle, born 25 Aug., 1893. 

Clubs: Toronto, York, Toronto Hunt, Ontario Jockey, Ontario, and 

Rideau (Ottawa). 
Residence: Rathnelly, Toronto, Ont. 


James Kirkpatrick Ken (as above) is eldest son of 

Robert Warren Ken (1810-72), Co. Sligo, Ireland. Educated Trinity Coll., Dublin; came 
to Canada 1832, settling in the Township of Puslinch, U. C, becoming City 
Chamberlain of Hamilton, Oat. He married Jane Hamilton (daughter of James 
Kirkpatrick of Wentworth Co., U. C). His father 

Robert Kerr, Elsq., of Co. Sligo, married Mary, daughter of James Wanen.Esq., of Sligo Co. 

Arms : Quarterly: I st and 4th vert on a chevron between in chief a fleur-de-lis and in base 
a martlet argent three mullets gules, a crescent of the last in de ter chief for difference 
(for Kerr); 2nd and 3rd azure the sun in splendor (for Lothian): over all aa 
escutcheon of pretence; peuty per pale gules and sable; on the fess point of a saltire 
argent, between four hunting horns stringed and garnished of the last, a aoss molioe 
vert (for Stanley -Pinhorne). 

Crest : A stage's head erased vert, a crescent gules for difference. Motto : "Bon y bel 
astez." Other quctrterings : Staveley, Newton, Cowton and Chandos-Pole. 

IRlrftpatrlcft of Iklngston 

(deceased) (t t ). born Kingston, Ont., 13 Sept., 1841; Lt. Col. 
late 47th Frontenac Batt.; barrister 1865; Q. C. 1880; L. L. D. Trin. 
Coll., Dublin; M. P.; Speaker of the House of Commons 1 883-7; Member 
P. C. of Canada 1891; Lt. Gov. of Ontario 1892; K. C. M. G. 1897. 
Married (firstly), 1865, Frances Jane (daughter o! the Hon. John 
Macauley of Kington). She died 1877. Issue: 

1 . Col. George Macauley, born 1 86 1 . Inspector General of 

the Australian forces. 

2. Arthur Thomas, born 1871. Barrister. 

3. William Macpherson, born 1874. General Freight Agent 

C. P. R., Montreal. 

4. Guy Hamilton, bom 1875. 

5. Helen Young. 

Married (secondly), 1883, Isabel Louis (daughter of Hon. Sir David 
Lewis Macpherson, K. C. M. G. of Ottawa). Issue: 

Eric Reginald Macpherson, born 1 884. (King's Own Yorkshire 
Light Infantry.) 

Sir George died Sept 1 3. 1 899, 




Ivone Kiikpatiick {temp. David I of Scotland) had a grandson Ivone, who received ia 1232 

from King Alexander II a charter of Cloteburn in Nithsdalo, Dumfrieshire; his son 
Adam, Lord of Closeburn, had a son 
Stephen, Lord of Closeburn, whose son 

Sir Roger Kirkpatrick was Justiciary of Galloway, Ireland, in 1304. His ton 
Sir Roger captured in 1355 the English castles, Durisdeer and Caerlaverock. Burke sayj 

of him: "Sir Roger was one of the first who stood up for the King, Robert the 

Bruce, ai he was returning from striking Red John Cummin in the Dumfries Church. 

Sir Rager went into the church, exclaiming: Til mak sicker [sure]* and then gave 

Cummin several stabs with a dagger." Hence the crest and motto. He was 

murdered by Sir James Linsay in 1357. Hit son 
Winfred (Umfred) was one of the hostages for the payment of King David's ransom. His 

Roger married Margaret, daughter of Thomas. 1st Lord Somerviile, and Janet, daughter of 

Sir Alexander Stewart of Derneley. Roger's 2nd son 
Alexander was made Baron of Kirkmichael as a reward for the capture of James, Earl 

of Douglas, in 1434. Alexander's great grandson 
William Kirkpatrick died 1 666. His eldest son was 
George of Knock, born 1671, whose 3rd son 
Alexander, born 1714, of Drumcondra House, Co. Dublin, Ireland, founded the Irish 

branch. Alexander'* 3rd son 
Alexander (1749-1818), of Coolmine, Co. Dublin, Ireland, was High Sheriff of the city 

and county of Dublin in 1 793. His 4th son 
Thomas (1805-1870) came to Canada, settling at Kingston; Barrister Q. C, M. P. for 

Frontenac; married 1829 Helen (daughter of Alexander Fisher). Thomas's 4th 

SOD was 



George Airy Kirkpatrick (as above). 

Arms: Argent a saltire and a chief azuie, on the last three cushions or. Crest: A hand 
holding a dagger in pale distilling drops o( blood proper. Motto: "I mak sicker.** 
Surrounding the shield, the circlet and {wndant badge of a Knight Commander of the 
Most Distinguished Order of St. Michael and St. George. 

HDatbeaon of Iktl^onan. 

■■• D. D. ( * ) Archbishop of Rupert's Land and Primate of all 
Canada. Bom Kildonan, Man., 20 Sept., 1 852. Graduate of St. John's 
College, Winnipeg, in Theology, B. D., D. D.; L. L. D., Cambridge; 
D.C. L., Durham; Warden of St. John's College; Chancellor of the University 
of Manitoba; ordained Deacon 1875; Priest 1876; Canon St. John's 
Cathedral 1882; Dean of Rupert's Land 1902; Archbishop of Rupert's 
Land 1905; Primate 1909. 

Married (firstly) 1879 Saraphine Marie Fortin, daughter of William 
Fortin of Iberville, Que. She died 1894. Issue: 

1 . Godfrey Arthur, born 1 88 1 , clerk, San Francisco, CaL 

2. Adele Constance, born 1883. 

3. Mortimer, born 1 885 (deceased). 

4. Maude Elizabeth, born 1 888. 



5. Nora Evelyn, born 1891. 

6. Edgar Hugh Ernest, born 1 892. 

Married (secondly), 1 906, Alice E. Talbot of Winnipeg. Issue: 

1. Margaret, born 1907. 

2. Mary Pritchard. born 1 909. 
Societies : A. F. and A. M. Past Grand Master. 
Residence: St. John's, Winnipeg. 


Alexander Matheson of Kildonan, Scotland, had a ton 

John, born Kildonan, Scotland, 1814; married, Kildonan, Man., Catherine, daughter of 
John Pritchard of Kildonan, Man. Issue: 

1. John Pritchard, married Anne, daughter of John Fraser of Kildonan. 

2. Margaret, married George Sutherland of Kildonan. 

3. Catherine, married Angus Fraser of Kildonan. 

4. Annie (deceased). 

5. Mary, married Francis Murray of Kildonan. 

6. Alexander, married Catherine, daughter of John McArthar of Grassmere, 


7. Samuel Pritchard (as above). 

Arms: Party per pale; Dexter, ermine a cross gules, on a chief a pastoral staff surmounted by 
an open book proper (for Rupert's Land]; Sinster, argent two Lochaber axes in 
ealtire heads to the chief, between a cock b chief and a rose in bate (for Matheson). 

1Reil0on of IRellsonvllIe (iSiuebec) 

/^OL. JOHN LOUIS HUBERT NEILSON ( * ), Seigneur of 
^^ Hubert, born Quebec, 24 March, 1845. Physician; late of the 
Royal Canadian Artillery; First Director General and organizer of the 
Canadian Army medical services; holds General Service medal, and 
Campaign medal, Soudan 1 884-5 and tvsro clasps; Knight of the Order of 
Melusine; Associate of the Order of St. John of Jerusalem in England. 

Married, Kingston, Nov. 1 6, 1 888, Wilmot, daughter of J. Bramley 
Ridout of England, late Lt. Col. 26 Scottish Rifles, and Wilmot Beresford 
Hayler, his wife. 

Clubs and Societies: Quebec Garrison Club; Military Institute, 
Whitehall, London, England; Quebec Literary and Historical Society 
Residences: Corsock, Neilsonville, Quebec, also on his Seigniory of Hubert. 


John Neilsonne, descendent of John Mac Neil, Earl of Carrick, was declared, in 1436, with 
his wife Isabel Gordoun, proprietors of Castle Corsock in Kirkcudbright, Scotland. 
His descendant 



John Neilsonne and his wife, Margaret Gordon re-built the Castle in 1 588, which date 

appears cut in stone, with their impaled arms over the entrance. Their grandson 
Joha Neilsonne, o( Corsock, married Mary Madellan, daughter o( the last Earl of 
Kirkcudbright. She died Sept. 28, 1697. (Note: This John Neilsonne was the 
prototype of the "Martyr" in Sir Walter Scott's "Old Mortality," being one of the 
leaders among the Covenanters. He was defeated at Raliion Green, made prisoner, 
subjected to the torture of the "boot," Dec. 8, 1666, and hanged, Dec. 14, at the 
Cross in Edinboro. His body was buried in Greyfrias. His son 
John Neilsonne, of Corsock, married Anna Gordon of Carlestoun. He died '706. Hit 

monument is in Kirkpatrick, Durham. His eldest son 
Richard Neilson, manufacturer at Dundee, married Janet Ray. Their son 
Robert Neilson married Christina, daughter of James Guthrie of Craigie. His ion 
William Neilson (1726-80), born Balraagh'e, Laird and Landowner, married Isabella, 
daughter of William Brown, Laird of Nunton and Langlands. Died Buitle, Jan 19. 


1. William (1767-1859). unmarried. 

2. Samuel (1772-93), unmarried. 

3. John (below). 

4. Agnes, unmarried. 
His 3rd son 

(Hon.) John Neilson (1776-1848), bom Domald, Kirkcudbright; King's Printer, 
Legislator, etc., in Canada; married Mane Ursule (daughter and heir of Jacque* 
Joseph Hubert and Pelagie de Rieulord, Co-Seigneur of Hubert, Quebec). He 
died Neilsonville, Quebec. She died 1866. Issue: 

1. Samuel (1798-1837), unmarried. 

2. Isabel (1800-73). unmarried. 

3. William (1805-95), married Margaret Cassin (ancestors of Comeliiu 

Neilson and Dr. Walter Neilson of Milwaukee, Wis.) 



4. Margaret (1808-94), unmarried. 

5. John (below). 

John Neilson (1821-85), born Corsock, Neilsonville, married Laura Caroline, daughter and 
heir of Capt. John Moorehead (and Margaret Du Berger} of the British Army, and 
A. A. G. on the Staff Quebec. Issue: 

1 . John Louis Hubert (as above). 

2. Laura Janet (1847-83], unmarried. 

3. John Samuel (1850-82), unmarried. 

4. Norman de Rientord, born 1853, married Alice de la Naudiere. 

5. William Augustus. 

6. Alfred, born 1858, married Flora LeMoine. 

7. Ida Isabel. 

8. Henry Ivan, born 1 865, married Matilda Anne Green. 

Arms (Quartering Hubert and Moorehead): Azure two hammers in saltire or, in the 
dexter flank a crescent, and in base a five pointed star argent. Crest : A demi- 
mem issuing from a mural coronet, holding over his shoulder a hammer all proper. 
Motto: "His Regi Servitium." Decorations: Pendant from the escutcheon: (l)Th« 
badge of the Order of St. John of Jerusalem in England; (2) the badge oi the 
ancient Order of Melusine in France and Austria. 

pellatt of Toronto 

pOL. SIR HENRY PELLATT. Kt., C. V. O., A. D. C. ( • t ), 

^^ born Kingston, Ont., Jan. 1 6, 1 859. Capitalist; educated U. C. Col- 
lege; entered service of E. B. Osier 1 874; junior partner Pellatt & Pellatt, 



1 88 1 ; head of firm since 1 89 1 ; Knighted in 1 905; C. V. O. 1 9 1 0; Hon. 
A. D. C. to H. R. H. Duke of Connaught 1911; President Society of 
Knights Bachelor of England; Governor of Grace Hospital, to which he 
presented the Surgery Wing; Hon. Treasurer Trinity University; a noted 
athlete; created a Mohawk Chief 1910, with name Tanauyuasara (Dawn 
of the Morning); Lieutenant Queen's Own Rifles 1880; promoted through 
intervening grades to Colonel 1907; holds Long Service Decoration; took the 
Regiment to England. 1 9 1 at his own expense, to participate in manoeuvers; 
on Military Staff at Coronation of King George V. 

Married, Toronto, June 15, 1882, Mary, daughter and heir of John 
Dodgson of Cumberland, England. Issue : 

Reginald, born June 30, 1885, Captain 2nd Queen's Own Rifles; 
married, Toronto, Oct. 1 4, 1 908, Marjory Carlyle, daughter of 
James Black Perry. 

Clubs: Albany, Toronto, York, Rideau (Ottawa). 

Residence: 559 Sherbourne Street, Toronto. 


Apiley Ptilatt ( 1 736-98) married Sara (daughter of Thoma* Meriton); died Islington. 
His son 

Apsley Pellatt (1763-1826) married Mary, daughter of Stephen Maberly. They had 
fifteen children, of whom the fifth was 

Mill Pellatt (1795- 1863), who married Maria Esther (daughter of Thomas Wilde). He 
died at New Cross, near London, Elngland, leaving issue of ten children, of whom 
the eighth was 

Hemy Pellat ( 1 830- 1 909 J, born at Glasgow, Scotland, and married to Emma Mary 
(daughter of Henry Burton Holland of Peterborough, Ont. — a son of Major 
Ralph Burton Holland of the 14th and 1 6th Dragoons). Issue: 

1. Mary Kate, bom 1855, married Lt. Col. Robert Baldwin Hamilton of 


2. Marion Maria, born 1856, married Henry Edmond Morphy. 

3. Henry Mill (as above). 

4. Emily Mountford. born 1862. 

5. Frederick Mill, born 1870. 

6. Mill, born 1873. 

Arms : Argent two bars table, the upper charged with a bezant (for Pellatt). In center 
an escutcheon of pretence argent on a pale, per pale, vert and table cottised gules, two 
looped bugle-horns of the first (for Dodgton). Crest: A lion passant argent, guttee 
table, in his dexter paw an acorn slipped vert fructed or. Motto: "Devant ti je 
puis." His shield surrounded by the circle of the Royal Victorian Order with 
pendant badge. 




Arm* : Qua'terly; 1st and 4th, Argent two bars sable the upper one charged with a bezant 
(for Pellatt); 2nd and 3rd, Argent on a pale per pale vert and sable cottised gules 
two looped buglehorns of the first (for DodgsonJ. 

Oett : A lion passant argent guttee de poix, in the dexter hand an acorn slipped vert, 
fructed or. 

Motto : "Devant si je puis." 

Ibopf^ine of ZToronto 

JOHN CASTELL HOPKINS, author and publicist, born Dyersville. 
Iowa, April 1 , 1 864; educated and lived in Canada from early child- 
hood. Author of ten volumes dealing with Canadian history and biography, 
and of the "Canadian Annual Review of Public Affairs," issued since 1 90 1 ; 
Editor of "Canada : An Encyclopcedia of the Country," issued in six large 
volumes, and contetining 300 contributions by the leading authorities upon 
Canadian conditions, history and affairs ; author of 23 pamphlets upon 



public questions and of about 60 magazine articles. Founder of the first 
branch of the Imperial Federation League in Canada (Ingersoll. 1886), 
and later became Hon. Secretary of the League for Canada; delegate to 
the 1 896 Congress of Chambers of Commerce of the Empire at London; 
Hon. Secretary, Sir John Macdonald Memorial Committee, Toronto, 1 893-4; 
President of the Toronto and Ontario Young Men's Conservative Associa- 
tion, 1891-2; President of the Empire Club of Canada, 1910-1; Fellow 
Royal Statistical and other learned societies. ( * ) 

Married, 1 906, Annie Beatrice Mary, daughter of J. J. Bonner of 
Toronto. Issue : 

1 . Marie Rutherfurd Zoe. bom March 8, 1 909. 

2. Joan Cabell, born June 21, 1911. 
Clubs : Albany, Royal Canadian Yacht. 
Residence : 8 Oaklands Ave., Toronto. 

Dophins Xineagc 

Sampson Hopkins (died 1622) of Coventry, Co. Warwick (§), had a son 
Sir William Hopkins, Kt., of Coventry, isle of Wight; knighted at Whitehall, 1623. His son 
George Hopkins of Blessington, Co. Wicklow, had. by Royal Patent dated 1 664, a grant of 
land in Ireland for services of himself and father. His son 



William Hopkins of Blackdown, Co. Kildare. had a son 

John Hopkins of Macroom, Co. Cork. His son 

William Randolph Hopkins of Thurloe, Co. Tipperary, married Jane Innes, daughter of 

Thomas Ewing of Dublin [see Innes lineage]. His son 
John Castell Hopkins, J. P. of Rowchester Ho. Greenlaw, Berwickshire, married Agnes, 

daughter of Charles Robson of Samieston Ho. Roxburghshire and Martha Ruther- 

furd, his wife [see Rutherfurd lineage]. Issue: 

1 . William Randolph Innes, J. P., D. L. of Grey Towers, Middlesborough. 

Yorkshire, married ( firstly) Everald C. E. Hustler, who left issue 
William Hustler; (secondly) Elsie C. S. Balckow. Issue: I . Ch»rle» 
Harrie Innes, 2. James Randolph Innes, 3. Other issue. 

2. John Castell (2). 

3. Other issue. 

John Castell Hopkins (2), who married Trianda Phelia Boyd, daughter of Rev. W. H. 
Heudebourck of Tiverton, Eng. issue : 

I. John Castell (3), of Toronto f above). 

2. Innes, of Victoria, B. C., who married Alice Mary Martin. luue: i . Alice 

Cecil, 2. Robert Innes, 3, ' 

3. Other issue. 

Anns : Sable on a chevron between three pistols or, as many rotes gules. 

Crest : A tower per bend indented argent and gules, flames issuing from the top and windows 

Motto : "Suavitate aut vi." 

Innes Xtnea^e 

Sir James Innes, 3rd baronet of Innes, Co. Elgin (see note), married, 1 666, Margaret, grand- 
daughter of Sir Robert Ker, I st Earl of Roxburghe; of this marriage there were three 
sons and four daughters; one daughter married 

Captain Innes, whose son was 

George Innes of Limerick, who left issue: 

1. (General] Harry d. s. p. 

2. A daughter 

Harriet Innes, who married Thomas Ewing of Dublin; their daughter 
Jane Innes married William Randolph Hopkins [see Hopkins lineage]. 
Note : Sir James Innes, 3d baronet, was great grandfather of Sir James Innes, 6th baronet. 
who was recognized by the House of Lords, in 1 8 1 2, as 5th Duke of Roxburghe. 

IRutberfurO Xtneaac 

Sir Nichol de Rutherfurd — said in Jeffrey's History of Antiquities in Roxburgh- 
shire to have been a near relative of Sir William Wallace. His son 

Sir Robert Rutherfurd — described as a friend of Robert Bruce in Barbour's History of 
Robert Bruce — had a son 

Sir Richard Rutherford of that Ilk. His son 

William Rutherfurd, had a son 

Sir Richard Rutherfurd, in 1390 Ambassador to the Court of England; afterwards appointed 
Warden of the Marches. Issue : 

1. Sir James Rutherfurd (belowj. 

2. John Rutherfurd of Chatto, ancestor of Andrew Rutherfurd, who became 

I St Lord Rutherfurd, Jan. 19, 1661, and in 1663 Earl of Tevio*. 



3. Nichol Rutherfurd. founder of the Rutherfurds of Hundalee, which be- 
came extinct (in male line) on the death of Sir Nicholat Rutherfurd. 
whose daughter, Mary, married Sir Jamei Ker of Crailing f-Iall and 
became ancestress of the Marquess of Lothian. 
Sir Jame* Rutherfurd (above) had a son 

James Rutherfurd of that Ilk, tst Laird of Edgerston; received charter from James IV of 
Scotland of the lands of Edgerston (Jan. 15, 1492) and married Margaret, daughter 
of Lord Erskine. Their son 
Phillip Rutherfurd oi that Ilk, Laird of Edgerston, married Elizabeth, daughter of Sir 
Walter Ker of Cessford, ancestor of the Dukes of Roxburghe. He had one son (as 
under) and two daughters, of whom I. Helen, married Sir John Foreman, and on 
his death Andrew Rutherfurd of Hunthill, and 2. Catharine, who married Sir James 
Stewart of Traquair. Their grandson. Sir James Stewart, laid claim to Edgerstoa 
and other estates, and precipitated violent disputes, which ended in his obtaining some 
of the property, but not Edgerston. Their son 
Richard Rutherfurd of that Ilk, Laird of Edgerston. 

Thomas Rutherfurd of that ilk (uncle of above and brother of Phillip Rutherfurd), rocog- 

nized as heir- male of Egerston under the King's Seal, 13th January, 1559, had a son 
Robert Rutherfurd of that Ilk, Laird of Edgerston, who had a son 
Thomas Rutherfurd of that Ilk, commonly known as "the Black Laird of Edgerston." and 

distinguished for exploits against the English. His son 
Richard Rutherfurd of that Ilk, Laird of Edgerston, married a daughter of Elliot. 

Laird of Lassiston, in Liddetdale, whose wife was a daughter of the Duke of 

Bucdeuch. Their son 
Robert Rutherfurd of that Ilk, Laird of Edgerston, married Margaret Riddell of that Ilk, 

(4th son, Thomas, had a daughter manied to Rutherfurd of Faimington — another 

branch of the family.) Robert's son was 
John Rutherfurd of that Ilk, Laird of Edgerston. In 1630 he raised a troop of Horse and 

fought for King Charles I, on the Isle of Wight, at Preston, and at Dunbar. He 

married Barbara Abernethy, daughter of the Bishop of Caithness by a daughter of 

Sir John Munay of Philiphaugh. Their son 



Thomas RutherKird of that Ilk, Laird of Edgerston (died 1 720) mairied Susanna Riddell 

of Minto, granddaughter of Sir John Nisbet of Dirleton. Their son 
Sir John Rutherfurd, Knt., Laird of Eldgerston, married, firstly, Elizabeth Cairncross, heiress 
of Colmslie; secondly, Sarah, sister of Sir Alex Nisbet, Bart. 

(Eldest Son) — John Rutherfurd of that Ilk, Laird of Edgerston, M. P. for 
Roxburgshire 1737, 1741, 1754; married, Eleanor, daughter of Sir Gilbert 
Elliot of Minto; raised a Comptmy for service in America and was killed at 
Battle of Ticonderoga, 1758, under Abercrombie. 

(Son of latter) — John Rutherfurd of that Ilk, last Laird of Edgerston, married 
Mary Ann, daughter of General the Hon. Alex Leslie, brother of David, 
Earl of Leven and Melville; left no issue. Edgerston passed to William Oliver, 
son of Rutherfurd's sister Jane and he assumed the name of Rutherfurd. 
Thomas Rutherfurd (2nd son of Sir John Rutherfurd) manied Martha Towne of York 

and died in Barbadoes, 1 749. His second son 
Major John Rutherfurd was born at Scarborough, Yorkshire, in 1 746; died at his estate of 
Mossbumford, Jedburgh, 1 2th Jan., 1830. Manied, Eleanor, daughter of Thomas 
Chalke of Artane Grange, County of Dublin. His brother, Richard, was a Captain 
in the Royal Navy .Major Rutherfurd accompanied an expedition from New York 
(May 2nd, 1763) under command of Capt. Robson of the 77th Regiment and Sir 
Robert Danvers, for the purpose of ascertaining particulars of rivers and lakes around 
Detroit; afterwards joined the 42nd Highland Regiment as Ensign and served 30 
years, rising to rank of Captain; was a Major in the Volunteers after retirement. His 
Martha Rutherfurd (bom 1771) married Charles Robson of Samieston House, Roxburgh- 
shire. Their daughter 
Agnes Robson, married John Castell Hopkins \. of Rowchester House, Berwickshire; her 

sister, Sarah, married Rev. W. H. Heudebourck. [See Hopkins lineage.] 
Arms : Argent an orle gules, and in chief three martlets sable. 
Crest : A martlet sable. 
Motto : "Nee sorte nee fato." 

flDontlsambert of (Quebec 

•■• D. C. L. Director General of Public Health, with rank of Deputy- 
Minister ; Hon. Mem. National Academy of Medicine of Mexico ; Hon. 
Mem. La Societe Frangaise d'Hygiene of France; Fellow Imperial Sanitary 
Institute; President American Public Health Assn., 1 890; President Cana- 
dian Medical Assn., 1907; Knight of Grace of the Order of St. John of 
Jerusalem in England; a Governor and member of Executive Council, Royal 
Victorian Order of Nurses for Canada. ( * t ) 

Born Qyebec, February 3d, 1 843; married, June 1 5, 1 865, Mary Jane, 
daughter of the Hon. William Walker, Legislative Councillor of Quebec, 
and Margaret Bell, his wife. Issue: 

1 . Ethel Margaret, married E. Russell Hale of Quebec. 

2. Violet Lucy, married Charles Walker of Toronto. 

3. Harold St. John. 

4. Norman Hamilton, died, Dec. 28, 1904. 



5. Ella Frederica, married Reginald Beckett of Quebec. 

6. Rhoda Mary Tudor. 

Clubs: Toronto Club (Toronto), Rideau Club, Country Club, Royal Golf 

Club (Ottawa). 
Residences : 123 Cooper St., Ottawa; Cacouna, Quebec. 


This family descends from the du Lacs of the province of Orleans and Beauce, France, of 
the XII century, through Claude Lancelot du Lac de Montizambert, whose domain, 
with the Chateau de Montizambert, was at Tigy in Orleans. He married Susanne 
de Beauvilliers. Descendants of these came to Canada in 1633, one of whom 
Pierre Boucher, the first governor of Three Rivers, successfully defended that fort 
against the Iroquois in 1653, for which he was ennobled in 1661 by Louis XIV. 
Another descendant, Pierre Louis de Niverville de Montizambert, had, by his wife 
Therese Hertel de Rouville, a son 

Louis de Niverville de Montizambert (1775-1834), born and died at Quebec, in the Im- 
perial Civil Service. He married Sarah, daughter of Nathaniel and Sarah (Minot) 
Taylor. (Nathaniel Taylor had been Deputy Naval Officer at the port of Boston, 
Mass., but, on its evacuation by the king's troops, both became loyalist refugees to 
Canada. Sarah Minot was the grand- daughter of Sir Edward Winslow, Governor 
of Plymouth Colony, whose wife, Mary Chilton, was said to have been the first 
woman of the pilgrim band to land from the Mayflower on Plymouth Rock) . 

I. Charles (1810.78) marned Helen Bell. 



2. Edward Louis (below). 

3. George SheaSe (I8I3>48). married Caroline Cotton; he was a major in 

the British army; was killed leading a "foilorn hope" at the Siege of 
Moultan, India. 
Edward Louis Montizambert (1811-62), born and died at Quebec; Law Clerk of the 
Senate, Ottawa; married Lucy Irwin (daughter of Chief Justice Bowen of Quebec). 
Issue : 

1. Charles Edward (1841-1904), married Alice Lawson Gibb. 

2. Frederick (as above). 

3. Louisa Helen, born 1850, married Edmund St. George Baldwin, M. D., 

of Toronto. 

4. George Arthur ( 1853-4). 

5. William Carlisle, born 1855, married Ella Robertson. 

Arms : Azure a chevron argent, in chief a fleur-de-lis proper between two acorns or; in 
base a rock proper surmounted of a cross or. 

Crest : An acorn slipped or. 

Decorations : Pendant from the escutcheon of Frederick Montizambert. — I . The badge of 
the Imperial Service Order; 2. The badge of the Order of St John of Jerusalem 
in England. 

Ibenbereon of HDontreal 

** ^ Montreal; retired lumber merchant; married, A<atonvale, Quebec, 
Clzura Alice, daughter of James and Mary (Harris) Macalpine erf Frederic- 
ton, N. B. Issue : 

1. Clara Augusta, married Colin Alexander Lockerby of 
Montreal. Issue : Colin Linton (died infant.) 

2. Harris Reginald, married Violet Gower. of England. 
Issue : 1. Huntley Russell. 2. Vena Cora. 

3. Muriel Louise (Tattie), married John GOlespie Kelly of 
Orangeville, Ont., and New York, U. S. A. Issue : I , 
Kathleen (died infant). 2. Barbara. 

4. William Macalpine, married Ivy Maud Andrews of 
England. Issue : William Macalpine. 

5. Albert Macalpine (died young). 

6. Ethel May (died young). 

7. Norman Percy, married Dorothy Rowland of Yonkers, 
N. Y. 

8. Doris Edna, married Gilbert (son of Charles Leander, 
and Helen Wolie Doolittle, professor of astronomy, 
University of Pennsylvania). Issue : I. Helen, 2. 



Club : The Canadian Club, New York. 
Residence : No. I , Post St.. Yonkers. N. Y. 



David Hendenon, born Irwingtown, Co. Fermanagh, Ireland, a dmber merchant, came to 
Lower Canada in 1820, settling in the village of Champlain near Three River*. 
is ton 

William Henderson (1810-91), born liwinstown, a timber merchant of Champlain and 
Montreal, and of the latter an alderman ( 1868-71), when he was instrumental in 
having the law passed creating the Mountain Park; he worked hard, with the late 
Father Labelle, in effecting the construction of the Northern Colonization Ry, to 
St. Jerome; a life governor of the General Hospital and of the Protestant House of 
Refuge; a charier member and one of the founders of the Irish Protestant Benev- 
olent Society. He manied, Batiscan. Quebec, Caroline, daughter of Captain John 
Jameson [see below]. Issue : 

1 . Eliza Charlotte, married, Montreal, Thomas Bjrrd Pacy of Montreal. luue: 

I. Alice, 2. Walter. 3. David. 4. Birdie, 5. Ernest. 

2. David Henry (died 1897), lumber and timber merchant; sometime Pres- 

ident of the Irish Protestant Benevolent Society; he married Fanny 
Cecilia Thompson. Issue : I . Stanley Henry, 2. Maude Caroline. 
3. Eva May, 4. Clarence William, S.Gordon John, 6. Norman Lome, 
7. Fanny Dorothy, 8. Phyllis Marjorie. 

3. Margaret (died aged 12}. 

4. Sophia Jane (died young). 

5. William John (died 1690}. lumber and timber merchant, unmuned. 

6. Norman Benjamin Thomas (as above). 



Captain John Jameson [see above], of H. M. 4th Foot, possessed a thorough knowledge of 
engineering, which he used to advantage in improving the fort fications of Quebec; he 
married, Isle of Wight, Charlotte Paxton [see Paxton Lineage]. Issue : 

1. John, M. D., died, attending the epidemic of ship fever, Montreal, 1847. 

2. Henry, of H. M's Customs, Montreal. 

3. Caroline (died 1869 J, married WilHam Henderson (above). 

4. Benjamin, M. D., married Virginia Caron, of the noted French family. 

5. Norman, lumber merchant (died unmarried). 

Arms : Gules three piles issuing from the sinister side argent, on a chief of the last a crescent 

azure between two ermine spots. 
Crest : A cubit arm proper, the hand holding a mullet or ensigned with a crescent azuie. 
Motto : "Sola virtus nobilitat." 

paiton Xineage 

Captain John (?) Paxton. a British naval officer of Kingston, Ont., lost his life early in the 
19th century, when his ship foundered on Lake Ontario with all on board (at the 
time his commission as commodore was on the way from England). He left two 
children : His daughter 

Charlotte Paxton, married Captain John Jameson (see above); her brother Paxtoa 
had a son 

Ethelbert Paxton who married Miss Archambault. 

IDaui of BrockvlIIe 


Army Medical Corps of Canada; Esquire of the Order of St. John 



of Jerusalem in England. Born, Brockville, Ont., July 12, 1872. South 
African War, 1900-02, with Royal Army Medical Corps (Queen's medal 
3 clasps. King's medal 2 clasps). Assistant Ccmmiisioner in Manitoba of 
the St. John Ambulaace Brigade; Assistant Director, Medical Services, 
Military District No. 10, Winnipeg. Anglican. (*) 

Married, Ottawa, Aug. 26, 1905, Edith, daughter of Robert Sparks 
C. E., D. L. S. and Wilhelmina (Stewart) his wife, both of Ottawa. Issue: 

Edith Patricia Wellesley, born March 31, 19 II. 
Club : Winnipeg Hunt Club. 
Residence : The Roslyn Road, Winnipeg, Man. 


Thomas Vaux (circa 1736-86), gentleman, born and died Wisbech, Cambridgihire, 
England. His only issue : 

Thomas Vaux (1 766- 1804), gentleman, born and died Wisbech; married Mary, daughter 
of John Battis. Issue : 

1. Hardy, born I 792, lost at sea. 

2. Charlotte (1796-1826); lastly 

Thomas Vaux (1797-1880), born Wisbech; came to Canada. 1815; settled near Hamilton. 
U. C, as tutor; entered, aboat 1830, Civil Service of Upper Canada, and in 1841, 
that of the united proviaces. Moved with the seat of Government to Kingston. 
1841; and to Montreal, 1846, where he helped at great personal risk to save the 
painting of the Queen, but lost valuable private documents and family records 
during the incendiary burning of the Parliamentary buildings in 1849 (after 
the passage of the "Rebellion Losses Bill" ). He was subsequently stationed 
alternately at Toronto and Quebec, until the Government was permanently 
established at Ottawa, where, after forty years of service, he died. Of commanding 
appearance, and possessing a high sense of duty, he was one of the most esteemed 
men in the service. For many years he was Accountant of the House of Commons; and 
when vacant, the office of Cl-ric of the House was tendered him, but his advanced 
age compelled him to refuse it. He married Margaret, daughter of William Mar- 
shall of Toronto. Issue : 

1. Thomas, died infant. 

2. Harry Edward (below). 

3. Marshall (died, 1852, Quebec). 

4. Charlott-, ( 1829-1910). married Rev. Joseph Hugill of Hamilton, Ont 

5. Jennie (1831-1887), married Rev. William Evans of Hamilton. Ont. 

6. Sophia, married Hon. W. E. Sanford, Dominion Senator of Hamilton. 
Harry Edward Vaux. M. D., bom. Kingston, Ont., 1843; educated U. C. College, Victoria 

University, and Toronto School of Medicine; was for some time in the civil service; 
practised at Aurora, moved to Brockville, 1870; Surgeon, 42nd Battalion 1870-1886; 
in 1900 retired from practice and setiled in Toronto. Residence: Vauxholm, Chesnut 
Park, Rosedale. He married (firstly), 1868, Mary Doane of Aurora (died 1869). 
Issue : Thomas, died infant. Married (secondly) Brockville, 1 87 1 , Lydia, daughter of 
Alexander and Emma (Plimsoll) Cowan of Montreal. Issue: 

1. Francis Leonard (as above). 

2. Constance, died infant. 



3. Wmnifred Estelle, born February 28, 1875: married 1912, W. B. Alex 

ander of New York. 

4. Alexander Cowan, died infant. 

5. Mary Lilian, bom, April 22. 1878; manied, 1903, I^. Muidocb Mk 

kinnon of Ainsley. Cape Breton. 

6. Emma Plimsoll, born, August 14, 1882. 

7. Stanley Edward, died infant. 

Ann> (registered at Heralds' College) : Cheeky argent and gulet, on a chevron or thiM 
ro«et of the second. 

Ciest : A griffin's head erased. 

Motto : "Hodie non eras." 

Decoration : Pendant from the escutcheon of Major Francis Leonard Vaux the badge of the 
Order of St. John of Jerusalem in England. 


■^ '' ■*■ Renfrewshire, Scotland, August, 23, 1 833; educated at the Glasgow 
High School, and Glasgow Technical College. Came to Canada in 1 856; 
was managing director of the Orford Nickle and Copper Co. and (A the 

Cumberland Coal and Railway Co., and general manager of the London- 
derry Iron Co. Has professionally examined mines in Norway. Sweden, 
Australia, Tasmania, and New Caledonia; is one of the founders and firA 



chairmen of the Federated Mining Institute; past vice-president of the 
American Institute of Mining Engineers; member of Canadian Mining Institute. 
Has contributed technical articles to mining publications. ( * ) 

Married Sarah, daughter of the late Rev. John Edwards. She died 
1 894. Issue : 

1. Robert Gilmour Edwards (see below). 

2. John Edwards (see below). 

3. Alice Agnes (deceased). 

4. Margaret Amy Gilmour. manied Bertram William Digby 
Gillies, M. D., of Vancouver, B. C. 

5. Marion Annie Urquhart, married the Rev. Francis 
Graham Orchard, M. A. of Port Hope, Ont. 

6. Edith Lydia Louise (unmarried). 

7. Florence Sarah, married A. G. M. Mainwaring. Elsq., 
of Brockville, Ont. 

8. Dorothy Frances Worthington, married John Annesley, 
Fleet Paymaster, Royal Navy. 

Clubs : Engineers (New York), Canadian Military Institute (Toronto). 
Residence: Sudbury, Ont. 

Lieut. Colonel Robert Gilmour Edwards Leckie, B. Sc; Mining 
Engineer. Born Halifax, N. S., June 4, 1869. Educated at Bishop's 
College School, Lennoxville, Quebec; Royal Military College, Kingston, 
Ont. ("sword of honour;" Governor General's medal); Bachelor of Science, 
King's College, Windsor, N. S., 1895. Has practiced engineering in 
Nova Scotia and British Columbia since 1 89 1 . Commanded a squadron 
of 2nd Canadian Mounted Rifles, South African War, 1901-2; conducted 
explorations in British Somaliland, East Africa, during Mad Mullah War, 
1903-4. Organized and raised 72nd Seaforth Highlanders of Canada, 
1910-1, and was appointed first commanding officer. Has contributed to 
various technical publications. Unmarried. ( * ) 

Clubs : United Empire, London, Eng.; United Service, Jericho Country, 
Shaughnessy Heights Golf, Royal Vancouver Yacht Squadron. 
Vancouver; Canadian Military Institute, Toronto. 
Societies : Canadian Civil Engineers; Canadian Mining Institute; American 

Institute of Mining Engineers. 
Residence : 633 Hastings St. W., Vancouver, B. C. 



Captain John Edwards Leckie, D. S. O., B. Sc, bora Acton Vale, 
Quebec, February 19, 1872. Educated at Bishop's College School, Len- 

nonville, Quebec; Royal Military College, Kingston. A mining engineer. 
Conunanded a troop of Strathcona's Horse (D.S.O.) and later a squadron 
of the 2d Canadian Mounted Rifles, South African War. Captain 72nd 
Regiment, Seaforth Highlanders of Canada. Has written on technical 
subjects to periodicals. ( t ) 
Residence : 1 359 Davie St., Vancouver, B. C. 


Alwyn, I St Earl of Lennox, son o( Atkil or Ulkil, who is said to be the son of Maldred, 

ton of Maldredor Malcolm, King of the Cumbiians, son of Crinan the Thane 

{circa 975-1045), who married Princess Beatrix, daughter of Malcolm II, King 

of Scotland. Alwyn's son 

Alwyn, 2nd Earl of Lennox {^circa 1 130-1216), married Lady Eva (daughter of Gilchrist, 

2ad Earl of Menteith). His son 
G)rc {circa \ 195-1270), witnessed charter of his brother, Earl of Maldouen. His son 
Murdoch [circa \ 235- 1310). called Murdoch MacCorc, had a charter to the lands of Croy, 

afterwards called Croy-Leckie. His son 
Duncan [circa 1270-1333) had lands of Rahane and Altermony in the Leimox; created 
Hereditary Sergeant of Dumbartonshire for services to Robert Bruce, King of Scotland. 
Hi* SOD 



Malcolm de Leky had a charter from King David II to lands of Lelcy (afterward* Leckie) 
formerly owned by King Robert Bruce; he was Hereditary Sergeant of Dumbarton- 
shire. His son 

Murdoch de Leky {circa 1330-1405), of Leckie, Rahane, Altermony, etc. His son 

Murdoch de Leky {circa 1365-1445) had a confirmatory charter from King Robert III, 
of Rahane and Altermony, and a confirmatory charter from Robert, Duke of Albany, 
of Easter Lecky, He married Margaret Murray of the Kypmad family. His son 

Sir Walter Lecky, or Leckie, fought for Charles VII and Joan of Arc, in France, against 
the English; he defeated the Duke of Bedford at Lagny in 1432. His son 

Malcolm Leckie of that Ilk {circa 1423-85), married (firstly) a daughter of Robert, Lord 
Fleming; the name of his second wife was probably Cuningham. By his first wife 
his son 

James Leckie of that Ilk {circa 1450-1514), had a son 

Richard Leckie of that Ilk ( 1 475-1 542), of Leckie, Rahane, Altermony, Letterbeg, etc.; was 
obligated to Margaret, Queen of Sco's, for safe keeping of Doune Castle. His son 

John Leckie of that Ilk (circa 1500-47), of Leckie, Rahane, Altermony, Letterbeg, 
Drumfade, Stuklekky, etc., was one of a special bodyguard to Queen Mary, for 
whom he was fighting when killed at Pinkiecleugh, 1 0th September (He married 
daughter of Sir Ninian Seton of Touch and Tullibody.) His son 

Walter Leckie of that Ilk (1535-1605), sold Rahane and Altermony in 1579 to Donald 
Campbell of Drongie; he carried on a deadly feud with the Grahams under the Earl 
of Menteith — all the Leckies united to fight the Graham clan. He married (firstly) 
Agnes, daughter of William Cuningham of Glengarnok, and great-great-grandaughter 
of Princess Mary, daughter of Robert III. He married (secondly), 1597 (with 
consent of his son Alexander), Margaret, daughter of Alexander Livingston of 
Pantosken. His son by the first marriage 

Alexander Leckie, of that Ilk {circa 1560-1601), was murdered by Alexander Lindsay of 
Dunrod. He married Euphemia, daughter of George Maxwell of Newark. His ton 

Alexander Leckie, of that Ilk, carried on the feud against the Maxwells and Lindsays, and 
finally dispossessed Alexander Lindsay, of Dunrod, of his estate. He married Grizel, 
daughter of Sir John Murray of Polmais. His son 

John Leckie, last of that Ilk {circa 1626-70), married Jean, daughter of Sir George 
Buchanan (and sister of John, the last Buchanan of that Ilk). He lost the estate of 
Leckie, which was transferred to David Moir. His son 

John Leckie was baptised in 1666. His son 

Robert Leckie married Elspel Micklehouse. His son 

John Leckie was baptised in 1716, and married Isobel Henderson. He died in Leckie 
before 1 767. His son 

Robert Leckie, born in Leckie, 1 748; removed to Glasgow and there married Margaret 
Knox in 1 784. His son 

Robert Leckie, born 1797; married (firstly) Miss Deans; (secondly) Margaret, daughter of 
Captain John Gilmour; (thirdly) Jane Wright; he was a Justice of the Peace and a 
Baillie in PoUockshas. His son, by the second marriage, was 

Major Robert Gilmour Leckie (as above'. 

Arms (as matriculated. 1912, to Major Robert Gilmour Leckie by Sir James Balfour Paul, 
Lyon King of Arms) : Argent, on a chevron between three roses gules, barbed and 
seeded vert, a spur or. Crest : An anchor or cabled gules. 

Motto (over the crest) : "Gubernat navem deus." 

Arms (as borne by Captain John Edwards Leckie, D. S. O.) : Same as above, differenced 
by a crescent; pendant from the shield the badge of the Distinguished Service Order. 

Note : This pedigree has been established by records and charters in the British Museum 
and elsewhere: also from a pamphlet on the Lairds of Leckie by W, E. Cook of Stirling; 



and from parish records o( Gargunnock, Stirlingshire. Regarding the ancestry of Alwyn, 
1st Eail of Lennox, authorities differ; Crawford and Nesbit stating him to be descended, 
throtigh Arkil, from Arkii, son of Egfrith, the great Northumbrian baron, who defied 
William the Conqueror. Another tradition based on a Gaelic poem by Murdoch Albanach 
(I ISO* 1220) make* liim 5th in descent from Lughaidh, King of Munster, Ireland. 

3arvl0 of Toronto 

EDWARD /EMILIUS JARVIS bom in Yonge Street, County of 
York, Ontario, April 25th I860. Banker for 20 years in the 
service of the Bank of Hamilton and latterly Inspector of the Traders Banks 
of Canada, Toronto. Since then head of the firm of /Emilius Jarvis & Co., 
Bankers and investment Brokers, Toronto; President of the Canadian Loco- 
motive Company, Limited; Vice-President of the British Columbia Packers 
Association; a Director in many other Companies, Comodore of the Royal 
Canadian Yacht Club, which office he has held for many years. ( t) 

Married 1 4th October 1 886, Elizabeth Margaret Harriett Augusta, 
daughter of Sir /Emilius Irving, K. C, and Augusta Louisa Gugy, daughter 
of Colonel Conrad Gugy, Quebec. Issue : 

1 . Mary Powell, bom 3 1 st October, 1 888. 

2. Bertha Margaret, bom 18th July. 1890. 



3. William Dummer Powell, born 31st March, 1892. 

4. /Emilius Irving, born 1 6th February, 1 894. 

5. Augusta Louisa, born I 3th June, 1896. 

6. Saniiiel Peters, born 24th July, 1903. 

Clubs : Royal Canadian Yacht Club; Toronto Club; York Club, Toronto 
Hunt; Queen City Yacht Club, Toronto; Royal Hamilton Yacht 
Club, (Hamilton. Ont.); Royal St. Lawrence Yacht Club, (Mont- 
real); Royal London Yacht Club, Royal Thames Yacht Club, 
London, England; Frontenac Club, (Kingston, Ont). 

Societies: Ancient Free and Accepted Masons. 

Residences : "Hazelburn," Prince Aithur Ave., Toronto; "Snug Harbor," 
Chippewa Ave., Toronto Island; "Hazelburn Farm," York County 
Aurora P. O., Ont. 


William Jarvis (botn about 1666), of Huntington, Long Island, died 1740. He was sup- 
posed to be a son of Stephen Jarvis, who bought lands from the Indians in Long 
Island. His will states him to be of "the County of Suffolke on the Island of Nassau 
in the Province of New York" — now Long Island. He married Elsther — . His eld- 
est ion died young. His second son 

Captain Samuel Jarvis f 1698-1779). an officer in the Colonial Militia; he married Naomi 
Brush of Coldspring, L. I. His eldest son wets 

Samuel Jarvis ( 1 720-83). He and his sons were royalists during the Revolutionary War; 
was Town Clerk of Stamford. Conn., 1 760-75. He manied Martha Seymour. Hi» 
son ■w^& 

William (Mr. Secretary J Jarvis (1756-1817), the founder of the family in Upper Canada. 
He married, 1 785, Hanna Owen, daughter of the Rev. Samuel Peters, a loyalist; 
served as cornet in the first (American) Regiment or Queens Rangers Dragoons un- 
der Lieut. Col. John Graves Simcoe; he was wounded at Brandywine. On the 
withdrawal of the British troops from the American Colonies, he went to England, 
and took a commission in the Army; in 1 792 was appointed Secretary and Registrar 
of Upper Canada — hence his appellation. He and his family sailed in the troop- 
ship •*Henicker" to Sorel, Quebec, and were nearly wrecked. He settled at the 
new capital, Newark ( Niagara-on-the-Lake). He was Grand Master Mason; all 
the early Masonic warrants in Ontario bear his signature and are known as the 
"Jarvis Warrants." He died in York. His son 

Col. Samuel Peters Jarvis, who was second of the name, the first having died in youth, 
(1792-1857), born Newark. Upper Canada. He was noted, even when quite 
young, having been adopted as a Missisaga Indian; he was a famous shot. He married 
Mary Boyles, daughter of Hon. William Dummer Powell (q.v.). He practised law; 
was Clerk of the Crown in Chancery; and Chief Superintendent of Indian affairs. 
He served in the war of 1812, and was present at the taking of Detroit f medal and 
clasp) and at the battles of Queenston Heights, Lundy's Lane, and Stony Creek, Af- 
ter Stony Creek he was in command of the escort of the captured American General 
Winfield Scott, he saved the latter from being killed by the Indians. During the Re- 
bellion of 1837. he raised and commanded another regiment of Queens Rangers, and 
was present at the affair of Montgomery's Tavern, and at the cutting out of the "Caxo- 



line" on the Niagara River. He was Judge Advocate in the trial of the Fenian prisoner 
General Sutherland. As a youth he shot a son of Surveyor General Ridout in a 
duel, near the N. W. corner of Yonge and College Sts., Toronto, but was exonerat- 
ed on the field. He attacked William L. Mackenzie's printing office and threw the type 
into Toronto Bay, because of an article in the letter's paper on the "Family Com- 
pact, ' in which the female members of his family were introduced Jarvis Street 
was named after him. He had five sons and four daughters. His eldest son 

Maj. General Samuel Peters Jarvis [1820-1905) was educated for the law, but, owing to 
his being instrumental in saving the life of Lord Morpeth, while bathing in the 
Georgian Bay, he obtained through the latter, and by the help of Lord Wellington, 
a commission as Ensign in the Royal Canadian Rifle Regiment, but later exchanged 
to the 82d at Halifax, and served with it through the Indian Mutiny, He was at 
the Relief of Lucknow and many other engagements (medal, clasp, and brevet 
majority); was sometime Adjutant of rhe Staff college at Sandhurst. Retired from 
his regiment and accepted appointment as Assistant Adjutant General of the Militia 
in Canada with rank of Lieutenant Colonel. In the first Riel Rebellion he took com- 
mand of the Ontario Battalion, and was in supreme command until the arrival of 
Lord Wolseley; was Commandant of the ganison at Fort Garry until the with- 
drawal of troops from Manitoba, when he was created a C. M. G. and gazetted, 
1875, Colonel in the Imperial Army; in 1878 was sent on a special service to South 
Africa and was in command of the Colonial troops in the Kaffir War (medal and 
clasp); later retired with rank of Major General. He married Rennee Wilson. He 
died at Bath without issue. His brother 

William Dummer Powell (1821-60), a prominent barrister of Guelph, Ont., married Diana 
(daughter of the Hon. Jacob /Emelius Irving, Captain of the 1 3th Hussars). A 
good shot, and a noted swimmer; he swam across the Niagara River and back, just 
below the American Fall. Issue : 

\. William Irving, born 1853. 

2. Edward v'Emilius (as above). 

3. Mary /Emilia. 

4. Augusta Louisa. 

Arms : Vert, six ostrich plumes three two and one erect argent. 

Crest : Two lions' heads erased addorsed; the dexter or the sinster azure, jointly collared and 
chained per pale counter- changed. 

Motto : "Sans Dieu rien." 

Ipowell Xineaae 

This family originated in Co. Montgomery, Wales; the family name ap Howell was Angliciz- 
ed to Powell. 

Thomas Powell, a Cavalier, had a son 

John Powell (died 1 740) of Bank Ho. Co. Salop: born near Shrewsbury; married Susan 
(daughter of Jeremiah Dummer, a Roundhead silversmith of London, who later emi- 
grated to Boston — his son William Dummer became Governor of Boston). His son 

John Powell (1716-94), Navy Adjutant, born Boston, married Jane, daughter of Sir 
Seutonius Grant of Rhode Island. Their son 

Chief Justice William Dummer Powell (1755-1834) ^orn Boston, married Anne, daughter 
of J. Murray M., D., of Norwich England. Educated in Holland; studied law in 
Boston; called to the Middle Temple 1779; migrated to Montreal. Sent to England 



on an interprovincial boundary matter; 1 787, appointed foA Judge in Upper Canada; 
lived in Detroit, then British territory, until 1 796; created Chief Juatice o{ Upper 
Canada, 1815. His daughter 
Mary Boyles Powell, born 1791, married Col. Samuel Peter Jarvis (q.v.). 

Arms : Quarterly; 1st and 4th. per (esse or and argent a lion rampant gules ( (or Powell ); 
2nd, azure three fleur-de-Iys or on a chief of the last a demi>h'on rampant issuant 
sable (for Dummer); 3rd, gules three ancient uowns within a bordure engrailed 
or (for Grant). 

Crest: The sun or above clouds proper. 
Motto: "Aude." 

^ravcrsi»lewl9 of ©ttawa 

JOHN TRAVERS-LEWIS. born Brockvaie. 1857. B. A. (Trinity, 
Toronto) 1878. D. C. L. 1898; Barrister 1882; Kings Counsel 
1908; President Ottawa Bar Association 1910-1 1; in 1903, was Co- 
Delegate to Imperial Universities Conference in England (with Sir Gilbert 
Parker, M. P.): thrice President of Rideau Club, Ottawa; a Governor of 
Trinity University; appointed by Earl Grey a life member of the Elxecutive 
of Victorian Order of Nurses; Chancellor of the Diocese of Ottawa since 
1 896; presented to late King Edward 1 908; was Conservative Campaign 
Secretary, under Chief- Whip Hon. G. H. Perley, in Canadian General 
Elections 1911; was Canadian Co-Delegate (with Sir Edmund Walker) 



to InternationaJ Peace Centenary Conference in Washington and New Y ork 
in 1913, under Presidency of Lord Weardale; one of the leaders of 
Canadian Bar; and a director of several Companies. (*J) 

Married Mary Ethel, daughter of Collingwood Schreiber, C. M. G., 
Ottawa, 1884. Issue: 

1. Allan Collingwood Travers-Lewis, bom 1885, graduate 
R. M. C 1907, barrister 1910, Adjutant 8th Brigade. 
Royal Canadian Artillery; unmarried. 

2. John Travers-Lewis, born 1891, graduate R. M. C. 
1911. B. Sc. (McGill) 1913, an electrical engineer, 

1 . Norah, married, 1 909, T. Franklin Ahearn, Ottawa, and 
has issue Thomas Travers, born 1911, and a daughter. 

2. May. 

3. Eva Travers. 

Clubi: Rideau, Country, and Royal Ottawa Golf Clubs. 
Universities Club, London, Eng. 

Residence : 413 Laurier Ave. East, Ottawa. 





David Lewis, detcendant of an ancient Welsh (amiiy of Carmarthenshire, settled at Water- 
ford, Ireland, in the middle of the 1 7th century. He became alderman once, and 
mayor six times; he was sheriff in 1693. He died 1718. His son 

Thomas Lewis, of Oldcastle, Co. Cork, married, 1 728, Joan, daughter of Francis Radle> • 
of Knockraur, Co. Cork. He died 1 740 . His eldest son 

Henry Lewis, born 1732, died 1810; married, 1 77 1 , Margaret, daughter of Richard Edward 
Hull, J. P., Lemcon Manor, Co. Cork. His only son 

Richard Lewis, born 1774, died 1812, married, 1797, Catherine, daughter and sole heiress of 
John Travers, of Ganydoyne Castle, Co. Cork. His eldest son 

Rev. John Lewis. M. A. (Trinity, Dublin ), Rector of St. Ann's, Shandon, Co. Cork, born 
at Garrycloyne Castle, September 10, 1798; manied 1823, Rebecca, daughter of 
John Lawless, of Kolcrone, Cloyne, Co. Cork. He died 1833. His eldest son 

The Most Rev. John Travers Lewis, born at Garrycloyne Castle, June 20, 1 825; ordained 
piiest 1849, in which year he came to Canada as a Missionary at Hawkesbury, 
Upper Canada; rector Brockville, 1854; consecrated first Bishop of Ontario 1862; 
Metropolitan of Canada; and Archbishop of Ontario 1 893. Author and promoter 
of the Lambeth Couference of Bishops. He manied (firstly), 1851, Anne Henri- 
etta Margaret, daughter of the Hon. Henry Sherwood, Q. C, Attorney-General of 
U. C. She died 1886. (Secondly) Ada Maria, daughter of Evan Leigh, C. E., 
of Manchester, England, LL. D. (in course) T. C. D., D. D. Oxon., D. C. L. 
TTrinity). Died May 6th, 1901, at sea. Buried at Hawkhurst, Kent, Elngland. 
Issue by first marriage only: 

1 . John Travers (as above ) . 

2. Clement Sherwood, born 1869, a J. P., Canadian Yukon, unmarried. 

3. Henry Sherwood (1864-6). 

4. Hamilton (1866-84), drowned at Ottawa. 

5. Elrnesl (died young). 

1. Annie Rebecca Mary (1852-55). 

2. Charlotte Sherwood (born 1855), married, 1875, to Robert Craigie Hamil- 

ton (St. John's, Oxon.), 4th son of George Hamilton (1824-56), 
and had issue one son, Robert Craigie, Lieut. R. N., and 5 daughters. 
She died in 1903. (See Hamilton of Ham wood, Quebec. J 

3. Mary (1859-85), married Francis Hilton-Green, of Montreal, and had 

issue one son, Francis, in H. M. Gloucester Regiment. 

4. Rebecca Olivia, born 1 863, married, 1 889, Llewellyn Foster Loyd, J. P. 

(Eton and Christ Church, Oxon.), of Lillesden, Hawkhurst, Kent, 
England, and has issue three sons and a daughter. 

5. Eva, of Cravenhurst, Napier Gardens, Hythe, England. 

6. Ethel Maude (1868-75). 

Arms: Quarterly: 1 and 4, Argent a chevron between three fleur-de-Iys gules (for Lewis); 

2 and 3, sable a chevron between two escollops in chief, and a boar's head couped 

in base argent (for Travers). 
Crest: A lion rampant proper. 
Motto: "Amicus omnibus." 



Moo^ru€r of St (Tatbarined 

'yHOMAS ADAMS WOODRUFF. Physician. Bom. St. Cathar- 
■■• ines, Ont., June 4, 1 865; educated at York Academy, Niagara, and 
Upper Canada College, Toronto; matriculated at Toronto University; studied 
medicine at McGill University; graduated, 1 888, with degree of M. D., 
C. M. Attended the hospitals in London, Berlin, and Gottingen. In 1 890 
took degree L. R. C. P. at London. Settled in Chicago, III., 1 890, success- 
ful in general practice until 1 894; the following two years were spent in at- 
tending the eye, ear, nose, and throat hospitals in Vienna and London; re- 
turning to Chicago, devoted practice exclusively to ophthalmology. Formerly 
professor of ophthalmology in Post-Graduate Medical School; formerly edi- 
torial secretary of the Ophthalmic Record; author, with Dr. Casey Wood, of 
"Conunoner Diseases of the Eye;" author of several papers relating to ophthal- 
mology; on the editorial staff of " Ophthalmology^; "Fellow of American College 
of Surgeons; Fellow of American Medical Association, was Third Vice- 
President in 1 908; member of Chicago Ophthalmological Society, was Pres- 
ident in 1 908; member of Illinois State Medical Society; Fellow American 
Academy of Medicine; Fellow American Academy of Ophthalmology; Vice- 
President of Illinois Society for Prevention of Blindness and Conservation of 
Vision; Ophthalmic Surgeon to St. Luke's Hospital; Member: Western Eco- 
Domic Society, Chicago Association -of Commerce, Zeta Psi Fraternity, 



British Empire Association; President Canadian Club of Chicago; Member 
McGill Alumni Association; Surgeon of Society of Colonial Wars of Illinois; 
First Lieutenant in Medical Reserve Corps of the United States Army. 

Married, Feb. 7, 1914, Mrs. Caroline Mabel Ogden, daughter of 
John M. and Georgiana Stearns Wright. 
Clubs: Chicago, Calumet (President 1908-12), University, South Shore 

Office: 30 North Michigan Boulevard, Chicago, 111. 
Residences: Chicago Beach Hotel, Chicago; (summer) New London, 


Matthew Woodruff landed in America in 1636; was one of the eighty-four original 
proprietor* of Farmington, Conn. He married Hannah — . He died 1682. luue: 

1. John (1642-92). 

2. Matthew (1646-92) below. 

3. Hannah, born 1648, married Richard Seymour. 

4. Ellizabeth, born 1651-2. Married John Broughton of Northamptoo. 

5. Mary, born 1654. 

6. Samuel (1661-1 742J. Married Rebecca Qark. 
Matthew Woodruff (1646- 1692); married, 1668. Mary Plumb. Issue: 

1. Matthew (1668-1751). 

2. Mary, born 1670, 

3. John, bom 1672. 

4. Sarah, bora 1674. 

5. Samuel (1677-1732); married Mary Judd. 

6. Ellizabeth, born 1679, married Joha Shepatd. 

7. Hannah, born 1681. 

8. Nathaniel, born 1686-7; below. 

9. Joseph (1689-1737). 

Nathtniel Woodruff (1686-7- 1 758), born Farmington, G>na.; removed to Litchfield; mar- 
ried, 1709, Thankful, daughter of Benjamin and Thankful Woodward Wright of 
Northampton, Mass. Ensign, 1733; Lieutenant, 1736; Captain, 1738, of First 
Company of Foot of Litchfield Regiment. Issue: 

1. Eunice (1710-93). married Zebulon Gibbs. 

2. Dmah (1712-%), married Benjamin Gibbs. 

3. Thankful, bom 1714. 

4. Benjamin (1715-62). 

5. Jacob (1717-90). 

6. Charles (1720-1802). 

7. Thankful, bom 1 722, married (firstly) — Shepard, (secondly) Alexander 


8. Sarah ( 1 725-99), manied Gideon Harrison. 

9. Nathaniel, Jr. (below). 

Nathaniel Woodruff, Jr. (1728-1807), bom Litchfield; manied (firstly) Mary, daughter of 
Samuel Kilbora, (secondly) Martha Umberfield; served on Committee of Safety 
during Revolutionary War, 1 774-6. Issue by first wife : 

1. Sarah, married Ezra Plumb, Jr. 

2. Hannah, married — Pierce. 

3. Samuel, bom 1753. 

4. Anne, married Abel Darlings 



5. Thankful, married Nathaniel Brown. 

6. Nathaniel. 

7. Sybil, married Levi Gtannis. 

8. Rhoda. 

9. Asenath, married (firstly) Jamei Buel, (secondly) — Grant. 

10. Elzekiel (below)- 

1 1. Mary, manied) John Russel. 

Ezekiel Woodruff (1763-1837), born July 29. at Litchfield; graduate of Yale CollcKe; a 
lawyer; married, June 30, 1782, Sarah, daughter of Capt. Giles Stocker Hall, of 
Middletown, Conn.; moved, July 1795, to Newark(now Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ont.). 
Died at Niagara Falls, N. Y. Issue : 

1. Sarah (1783-1864). Married (firstly) 1803, James Maitland; (secondly) 

Samuel De Veaux, founder of De Veaux College, Niagara Falls, 

N. Y. 

2. Richard ( 1 784- 1 872). born April 16; died Nov. 30; married Ann Clement. 

born 1 788. Issue : 

1. Joseph Clement, born Dec. 9. 1808; died Nov. 30, 1889; married 

Feb. 1831, Sarah Shaw. Issue: 

n. George Wellington, born Aug. 31, 1832; died Feb. 10, 1895; 
married Rachel Close. No issue. 

b. Richard Henry, born Feb. 3, 1834; died Jan. 29. 1836. 

c\ William Walter, born May I. 1836; died March 23, 1907; mar- 
ried, Nov. 5, 1 862, Susan Backinstose. issue : Jessie, died 
aged 12; Gertrude, died aged 9. 

if. Theodore Warren, born Oct. 6, 1840; manied. May 23. 1878. 
Mrs. Campbell. 

f. Sarah De Veaux, born Dec. 29, 1844; died June 25, 1875; mar- 
ried William McKay. Oct. 19, 1871. No issue. 

2. Sarah M., born 1811, died Feb. 9, 1834; married — Swan. No issue. 

3. William Henry, bom Sept. 3. 1814; died Aug, 7. 1897; manied 

1841-2, Maiy Secord. Issue: 
a. Margaret Elizabeth, born Sept. 5, 1642. married Oct. 24, 1665, 

Josiah Packard. Issue: Elizabeth, born 1868 (married, 1901, 

C. C. Wheeler, has children, Henry A. and Mary Elizabeth); 

Mary Secord. born 1869; Ambrose, born 1870 (married. 1902; 

Helen Imbrie); Josiah Woodruff (1872-83); Rhoda, born 

1875; Sarah, born 1881; William, born 1883, died inlam; 

Kirke, born 1886. 
d. Henry Augustus, born Oct. 6, 1845; married Theresa Clement. 

Issue: Robert, born 1876 (married — Goring); Mabel, born 

1878; William, born 1882; Augusta, born 1885. 
c. Richard Eldgar, born March 11, 1847; married Aug. II, 1875, 

Jane Sammons. Issue: Helena born, 1877. 
</. David William, born Jan. 10, 1849; died Sept. 8, 1904; married 

Dec. 14, 1875, Josephine Woodruff. Issue: Frederick, born 1877; 

Archibald, born 1880 (married 1909, Ida Saunders, has 

daughter, Nora Helena, bom 1909j. 
^. Anne Helena, bom Dec. 28, 1850. 
/. Marion Caroline, bom May 23, 1854; married Oct. 9, 1685, 

James Jones. Issue: Victor, born 1887 (manied, 1909, Edyth 

Groom, has daughter, Naomi,, born 1910); Marion, born 

Oct. 7, 1890 (manied T. H. Ward). 
^. Ella Victoria, bora Sept. 15. 1857; manied Jan., 1886, Oliver 

S. Pew. 



4. Richaid Napoleon, born 1815; died Aug. 8. 1866; married. 1838, 
Deborah Field, htue: 
a. George, bom May 24. 1840; died Nov. 23. 1900; married 

Hannah Lowny. 
^. John, bom Feb. 7. 1841. 
c. Richard, bom May I. 1643; married Georgina Rogers. Imik: 

Maud, born 1876; Ethel, born 1879. 
</. Maria, born Nov. 22. 1846; died 1906; married George Pelley. 

Issue: Curds, bom 1876. 
f. Gilbert, bom Jan. II, 1849. 
/. Ann, bom Feb. 15. 1852; died Oct. 16. 1874. 
^. Sarah, born March 4, 1857; married — Kennedy, 
y^. Waiiam, bora Feb. 2, 1859. 
t. Frank, born July 2, 1862; married, 1901, Hattie Lowry. 

5. John, born 1819; died Match 28. 1856; mairied Mary CoUard. IsMie: 

a. Margaret, born 1852; married Bruce Kennedy. Issue: William; 

Rose; Grace; Bertha; Claude. 
/>. Richard, bom 1655; married Nannie Cook. Issue: John; Richard; 

Maud; George; Joseph; Burton. 

6. James Counter, born April 2, 1826; died Sept. 29. 1866; married 

ici'rca) 1856. Eliza Thompson. Issue: 
a. Josephine, bom 1851; mairied David Woodruff. Issue: Frederick. 

/". Mary Alice; born 1852; married. 1876. Peter Hume. Issue: Mamie; 

C. Albert James, born 1854. 
«/. Anne ( 1 855- 1 902); married ( firstly J Stephen Bell. Issue : William; 

Leila (married L. H. Pike, has son Robert L.); married 

(secondly) Robert Robinson. Issue: Alice, born 1891; Rob. 

ertR., born 1894. 

f. Ursen Harvey, born 1856; married, 1681. E.dith Wadsworth. 

Issue: Ernest, born 1685; Edith. 1889. 
/. Julia A. 1860.11. 

g. Emma A., born 1862. 
/i. Caroline L., born 1665. 

1. James Richard, bora 1667; married Aug. 14. 1890. Elizabeth Qement. 
Issue: George, bora 1891; Cecil, bom 1893; Jessie E., born 
1694; Ursen C. bora 1897; Hudson U. born 1900; Edith, 
bora 1901; Peter Hume, bora 1904; Herbert N.. bom 1905; 
Richard (1908-8); John T., bora 1909; Margaret E., born 

7. Margaret Ann, born 1628; died April 24, 1851; married. 1848; 

Samuel Zimmermaru Issue: John Z.; Richard. 

8. Samuel, born 1829; died May 29, 1889; married Jane Cooper. Issue: 

a. Richard N., born 1848. 

d. James (1849-52). 
t. John (1849-49). 

^. Sylvester, bom 1856. 

e. Margaret L., born 1857. 

/. Emma R. born 1658; married Charles F. Peters, 1879. 

3. Maria (1786-1805), married Samuel De Veaux, who afterwards married 

her sister Sarah. 

4. Henry Augustus, bom Middletown, Conn., July 6, 1790; died Sept. 30, 

1864: married. Feb. 29, 1811, Olive Edwards. Issue: 



1. Wellington (1816-23). 

2. Richard Hall (1818-54); marrJed. 1849, Rhoda Smith. 

3. Maria De Veaux, born Sept. 4, 1821; married Sept. 15. 1848, D. C. 

Haynes (he died April 10, 1875); she resides in St. Catharines. 

4. William Edwards, born Dec. 10, 1824; died Feb. 12, 1899; married 

May 27, 1858, Caroline (born 1836), daughter of Elias Hubbard 
and Elizabeth Nichols Ely of New York, N. Y. (she died 
March 7, 1871). issue: 
a. Edward Haynes W., born San Francisco, Cal., April 21, 1859; 

graduate in medicine, McGill; B. A. Harvard; lives in St. 


5. John (1827-27). 

6. Henry Augustus, born Jan. 17, 1828; surgeon in U. S. Army, killed 

in the Battle of the Wilderness, May 26, 1864; married. Dec. 4, 
1859. Virginia Rachel Peters of Philadelphia (bom Jan. 1, 1839; 
died May 18, 1912). Issue: 
a. Robert (1860-60 1. 

/>. Henry Augustus, born Dec. 11, 1861; married Katherine Nagel. 
Issue: Katherine Virginia, born Oct. 16, 1885; Henry, born 
Aug. 26, 1894. Lives in Philadelphia, Pa. 
c. William, born July 25, 1864; killed. 
7. Olive Mary (1831-31). 

5. William, born 1793 (below). 

6. John (1797-1827). 

7. Samuel (1800-24). 

William Woodruff, born Oct. 1, 1793, Middletown, Conn.; died June 27, 1860; was two 
years old when his parents settled in the Niagara District; served through the War of 
18 1 2-4; a.leading merchant and business man; in partnership with his brother Richard 
in a general business at St. David's, Ont., where they erected, in 1818, the first steam 
grist mill in the country; was elected to Parliament in 1 828 and served two sessions; 
married, Feb. 26, 1818, Margaret Clement (born March 29, 1794; died Dec. 2, 
1882), Issue: 

1. Samuel De Veaux (below). 

2. Joseph Augustine, born July 20, 1820; died Aug. 11, 1886; sheriff of 

Lincoln Co.; married, Sept. 1 850, Julia Claus. Issue: 

1. Amy Augusta, born Oct. 19, 1851; married, Sept. 13, 1876, Henry 

Miller [born May 9. 1845; died April 8, 1887). Issue: 
a. Helen (1877-9). 

^. Amy Constance Woodruff, born May 1 3, 1 880. 
r. Natalie Qaus. born Oct. 22, 1881. 
^. Henry Edward ( 1 883-4 ). 

2. Margaret Julia, born March 8, 1857; married WiUiam S. Martton. 

a, William Woodruff, born Oct. 9. 1881. 
i>. Pierce, born Jan. 13, 1883. 

3. Richard, born April 28. 1822. at St. David's; died Feb. 1 1, 1887; leading 

merchant in St. Catharines; married April 26. 1 854. Cornelia McCrum 
(1827-89). Issue: 

1. Arthur McCrum (1855-57). 

2. Joseph Augustus, born Sept. 4, 1856; died June 1, 1901; married, 

Feb. 18, 1880. Elizabeth Ellen Kelly. Issue: 
a. James Richard, born Dec. 1 3, 1 880. 
/>. George Albert, born May 1 4, 1 883. 

c. Athael Howard, born April 8, 1885. 

d. Olive Helen McCrum. born Dec, 6, 1891. 



3. Ida, born May 6, I860. 

4. Albert, born Dec. 14, 1861. 

5. Helen Atkinson, bom Aug. 4, 1866; married, Feb. 5, 1891, George 

A. Hamilton. Issue: Dorothy Woodruff, born May 13, 1892. 

4. Julia, born April 3, 1825; died July 12. 1870. 

5. Helena, bom March 16, 1828; died May 21, 1892; married Joseph P. 

Boomer. Issue: William Woodruff, born June 26, 1852. 

6. William, born Aug. 15, 1830; died Aug. 13, 1908. 

7. Henry Counter, born Jan. 12, 1833; married, 1865, Emma Osgood. Issue: 

1. Henty Howard (1866-8). 

2. William Emerson, born May 8, 1870; married. Feb. 5, 1896. 

Minerva Mills. Issue: Osgood Mills, bom Dec. I, 1897. 

3. Emma EUoise, born Feb. 4, 1872; married, June 28, 1896, Henry D. 

Symmes. Issue: Henry Woodruff, born May 18, 1897; Paul. 
* 4. Hugh Malcolm, born Feb. 4, 1876; married June 29, 1898, Minnie 

Adams. Issue: Wilfred, born April 30, 1899. 
Samuel De Veaux Woodruff, born, St. David's, Ont., March 28, 1819; educated at 
Lewistown, N. Y., and at the old Grantham Academy, St. Catharines, Ont. After 
studying engineering, he began his profession in Lockport, but in a short time moved 
to St. Catharines and entered the employment of the Government as assistant 
engineer of the Welland Canal, later becoming Superintendent, which position he 
held for 28 years; was a well-known, prominer.t resident in the Niagara District; 
was elected a Commissioner on the Waterworks Boaird, serving 24 years. He died 
Oct. 28, 1904; married, Dec. 19, 1854, Jane Caroline, daughter of William Henry 
Sanderson of St. Catharines (born Aug. 19, 1827; died Feb. 15, 1912). Issue: 

1. Alfred Sanderson, born Dec. 30, 1855, at St. Catharines; married, 

June 1 3, 1 889, Georgina Ross. Issue: 

1. Gladys Caroline, bora April 2, 1891; married, Jan. 28, 1914. 

D'Arcy F. Hilton of Detroit, Mich. 

2. Samuel De Veaux, born Nov. 3, 1893. 

3. Waiiam Alfred, born Aug. 19, 1899. 

2. Hamilton Killaly, born Dec. 22, 1857, at St. Catharines; Commissioner 

Waterworks Dept., St. Catharines; married, Nov. 21. 1 894. Julia 
Cleveland. Issue: Margaret, born April, 1896. 

3. Welland De Veaux, born April 30, 1861, at St. Catharines; educated 

at public schools there, and Upper Canada College, Toronto; he 
look a degree at Eastman's Bus! less College, Poughkeepsie, N. Y. 
He entered the Lincoln Paper Mills Co., St. Catharines, Dec I , 
1881, rising to his present posidoa of Manager, Treasurer and 
Director; is Director of the Coniagas Mines. Ltd., of Cobalt, Ont.; 
and Vice-President of the Coniagas Reduction Co., Thorold, Ont; 
Was Alderman of St. Catharines, and Liberal Candidate for the 
House of Commons, 1 908. Is member of the St. Catharines Club, 
and St. Catharines Golf Club, and the National and the Hunt 
Clubs of Toronto; of the Jekyl Island Club of Brunswick. Ga.; 
the Caledon Mountain Trout Club of Inglewood, Ont.; the Niagara 
Club. Niagara Falls. N. Y.; and the Country Club, Buffalo, N. Y. 
He married, 1 886, Isabel Price. 

4. Thomas Adams (as above). 

Anns; Gules, on a chevron argent, three bucks' heads erased sable; a chief per fetse 

nebulee of the third and second. 
Crest: A dexter arm embowed, habited with leaves vert, holding a branch o{ honeysuckle, 

all proper. 
Motto: "Sit dux sapientia." 



®tter of Toronto 

K. C. B.. C. V. O.. born near Clinton. Ont.. Dec. 3. 1843; en- 
tered Queen's Own RiHes, 1661; Lieutenant, 1864; Captain, 1866; 
Major, 1 669; Lieutenant- Colonel, 1 874; action at Lime Ridge, Fenian Raids, 
1866 and 1870 (medal and two clasps); in command of the regiment, 
1 875-83. Commandant of the Royal School of Infantry, Toronto, 1 883-99. 
Served through the Northwest Rebellion, 1 863, in command of the column for 
the relief of Batdeford-making the forced march of 200 miles in five and a half 
days; action at Cut Knife Creek (medal and clasp); commanding the 2nd Mili- 
tary District, 1886-1905; Inspector of Infantry, 1896-1905. Commanded 
the Royal Canadian Regiment during war in South Africa, 1 899- 1 900. 
actions of Paardeburg, Driefontein, etc., wounded (C. B., medal and 
four clasps). Commanded Western Ontario district, 1905-8; chief of 
the General Staff (Canada) 1908-10 (C. V. O.. 1908); Inspector General 
of Canadian Military Forces, 1 9 1 0-2. Retired Dec. 1 , 1 9 1 2 (K. C. B.. 
1913). Promoted Major-General, the first of that rank in the Canadian 
Service, July I. 1910. (Mt) 

Married, October, 1865, Marian, daughter of the Rev. James Porter 
of Gloucestershire, England (and his wife Agnc* Dryden). luue: Agnes 



Anna Edroi, who manied, June, 1 893, Edward Lyail Morton of Toronto. 

Issue : Three sons, one daughter. 

Clubs: Honorary Life Member of Toronto, York, Toronto Golf, and 

Toronto Hunt. 
Residence: St. George Mansions, Toronto. 


The "Patronymica Britannica" states that the name of Otter ii a Scandinavian personal 
one of great antiquity and common application. It is variously spelt "Otter," "Oter," 
"Ohter," "Oltyr," and in Domesday Book, "Otre." As a family name, it has existed from 
time immemorial in the Danish, or Northman counties of Elast York, Lincoln, Derby, and 
Nottingham, where there was almost a clan of Otters. 

William Otter (1500-60) of Welham, in tha parish of Clarborough, Nottinghamshire, married 

Agnes Woodsmyth. Their second son 
Richard Otter (1540-1612) of Welham, married Elizabeth Spivye. Their fourth son 
William Otter (1596-1666) of Welham, by his second wife, Katherine, had a son 
William Otter (1644-1720) of Welham, whose second wife was Sarah Slacye. Their 

eldeA son 
George Otter (1686-1739) of Welham, married Anne, daughter of Robert Fowe. Their 

eldest son 
Edward Otter (1724-85) of Welham, and of Trinity College, Cambridge, Vicar of Cuckney, 

Notts., and Upper Langwith, Derbyshire, sold the Welham Elstate. He married 

Dorothy, daughter of John Wright of North Anstan, Yorkshire. Their fourth son 
Rt. Reverend William Oiler (1 768- 1840 J, Fellow and Tutor of Jesus College. Cambridge; 

Bishop o Chichester, 1 836; he married Nancy Sadlier, daughter of William Bruere. 

Chief Secretary of State, and member of the Supreme Council of India. Issue : 

1. William Bruere, Archdeacon of Lewes, married Elizabeth, daughter of 

Robert Melville, Consul at Amsterdam. 

2. Alfred William (below). 

3. Sophia Marian, married Rev. f-Ienry Malthus, Vicar of Effingham. 

4. Caroline Charlotte, married John, I st Baron Romilly, late Master of the 


5. Jacqueline, married Alexander Trotter of Dreghorn, Co. Midlothian. 

6. Maria, married Sir William M. James, P. C, late Lord Justice of Appeal. 

7. Emily Harriet, married Edward, Ist Baron Belper, P. C, Lord Lieutenant 

of Nottinghamshire. 

8. Reginald William, died unmarried. 

Alfred William Otter (1815-66), came to Clinton and Goderich. Upper Canada, in 1841, 
settling later in Toronto. Married, 1 84 1, Anna, daughter of James De la Hooke, 
Rector of Gravenhurst, Bedfordshire, England, and afterwards of Bayfield, Ont. 
(who married Augusta Dillon). Issue : 

1 . William DilUon (as abovej. 

2. Frederick WaUon (1849-69), died unmanied. 

3. Harold Charles (born 1854), manied Alice, daughter of Daniel Scott of 

Toronto. Issue : One son. 

4. Jacqueline Mary, married Henry Leach Henderson of Toronto. Issue : 

One son, deceased. 

5. Emily May, manied Alexander David Stewart of Hamilton. Issue: Two 

sons and two daughters. 

Arms: Party per pale; Dexter, or on a bend gules three crescents of the first (for Ott«r); 
Sinister, gulet on a fesse between five falcon's wings or, three hurts (for Porter). 



Crest: A crescent or. 

Motto: "Crescit eundo." 

Decorations: ( I ) Surrounding the escutcheon, the circlet and pendant badge ot the Most 

Honourable Order of the Bath. (2) The badge (and circlet) of the Royal Victoriao 


Irvlna ot **1Iron0bore/* 3amatca, anb "ffionsbaw/ 


SIR y^MILIUS IRVING, Kt.. born jLeamington. Eng!«nd, Mar. 24. 
1823; came to Canada, 1834; Barrister, 1849; Clerk of the Peace, 
Waterloo, 1633; Qyeen's Counsel, 1663; Bencher, Law Society, Upper 
Canada, 1874. Treasurer of same, 1693; Honorary LL. D. (Toronto 
University), 1 905; Knight Bachelor by Letters Patent, June 30. 1906. (*) 

Married, Montreal, June 3, 1631, Augusta Louisa (died 1692), 
eldest daughter of Col. Conrad B. A. Gugy, Seigneur of Machiche, 
Crandpre, Grosboii, and Dumontier. Issue: 

1. Gugy /Emilius. of Ironshore, born Oct. 2. 1653; mar- 
ried, 1679, Maria Adelaide, daughter of John Cleaves 



Henderson, of Staten Island, -N. Y., U. S. A., and haa 
son, Gugy /Emilius, and (our daughters. 

2. Lukin Homfray, bom Oct. 19, 1853; married, 1862, 
Louisa, eldest daughter of F. W. Stockweil, London, 
England, and "Highlands," Quebec. Has a son, Jacob 
/Emilius Homfray, married, April 29, 1914, Marjory, 
youngest daughter of Alfred Boydell Lambe; and a 
daughter, Margaret Elizabeth Homfray, married, April I 7, 
1907, to Edward Walter Clifford, Captain "The Went- 
worth Regiment." (Issue, one son.) 

3. Paulus /Emilius, born April 3, 1857; Justice Supreme 
Court, British Columbia, 1697; married. 1683, Diana, 
daughter of the Hon. Wymond Hamley, Victoria, B. C, 
and has two sons, Edward Bruce, (married, 1914, Beatrice, 
daughter of Arthur Spalding) and Arthur Beaufain, and 
two daughters. 

4. Charlotte Bertha Diana, born Dec. 21, 1858; married, 
1861, Louis Sutherland. Montreal (died 1908), and 
has a son William. 

5. Elizabeth Margaret Harriet Augusta, born Dec. 9, 1 66 1 ; 
married, 1886, /Emilius Jarvis of Hamilton, Ont., and 
has issue. [See Jarvis of Toronto.] 

6. Christopher Harleston, born April 28, 1864; married 
(firstly) 1905, Belle (died 1910), daughter of John 
Warren Bowman, of St. Thomas. Ont.; (secondly) 1911, 
Amelia Constance, daughter of William Roe of New- 
market, Ont. 

7. Lewis Erskine Wentworth, born Aug. 1 6, 1 668; M. D., 
C. M., 1 900; Lieutenant "C" Royal Canadian Artillery, 
served South African War, Rhodesian Field Force, 
1899-1900, despatches, D. S. O., C^yeen's Medal and 
Clasps, Brevet Major; Provincial Medical Officer, Alberta; 
married, 1 903, Alice Maude, daughter of Caird Ryerion 
Maclean, M. R. C. S., has a son /Emilius Wentworth. 

Clubs: Toronto, and Victoria (Toronto); Hamilton Club (Hamilton); 
Canadian Military Institute. 

Residences: 19 Russell St., Toronto; "Bonshaw," Yonge St., New- 
market P. O. 

{Sir Emilius Irving died at Toronto, Nov. 27, 1913.) 




Christopher Irving, or Irvine ( 1450- 15 13), o( Dumfriesshire, Scotland, wras killed at Flodden 
Field. His eldeft son was 

William Irving, of Bonshaw (1470-1520), whose eldest son 

Christopher Irving, of Bonshaw (1490-1542), was infeft in lands of Bonshaw and Dum- 
bretton; was killed at Solway Moss. His eldest son 

Eldward Irving, of Bonshaw (1510-93), married Blanche, daughter of Richard Grahameof 
of Esk; killed at Dryte Sands. His eldest son 

Christopher Irving, of Bonshaw ( 1 540-82), married 1 566, Margaret, daughter of John 
Johnstone of that Ilk. His eldest son 

William Irving, of Bonshaw (1568-1646), married (firstly) 1590, the daughter of Michael, 
5th Lord Carlyle of Torthorwald; (secondly) 1607, Margaret, daughter of Sir 
Alexander Kirkpatrick of Kirkmichael [see page 36], whose eldest son by second 

Willam Irving, of Woodhouse, and Robgill (1608-37) married, 1631, Janet, daughter of 
Sir Alexander Jardine of Applegirth. Their third son 

John Irving of Woodhouse (died 1669), married, 1661, Sarah, daughter of William 
Douglas of Kelhead (the second son of William, 1st Earl of Queensberry). Their 
eldest son 

William Irving of Bonshaw, and Woodhouse (1663-1742), recovered Bonshaw in 1696, 
from his cousin William; married 1698, /Emilia (1747) eldest daughter of Andrew, 
3rd Baron RoUo by his wife Margaret (daughter of the 3rd Lord Balfour of Bur- 
leigh). Their fifth son 

James Irving (1713-75) of Ironshore, and Haitfield, Jamaica [see note]; member for St. 
James* of thai Island, 1761-70; married, 1746, Elizabeth, daughter of Jacob Motte, 
Treasurer of the Province of South Carolina. Their fifth son 

Jacob /Emilius Irving of Ironshore (1767-1816), married, 1796, Hannah Margaret, eldest 
daughter of Thomas Corbett, and his wife Margaret Harleston, of Charlestown, S. C. 
Their eldest son 

Jacob /Emilius Irving of Ironshore ( 1 797- 1 856), Cornet XIII, Light Dragoons; served with his 
regiment at Waterloo (wounded); medal; presented with Freedom of Town of Liver- 
pool, England; Member of Legislative Council, Canada, 1846; married, 1821, at 
British Embassy, Paris, Catherine Diana daughter, of Sir Jerry Homhay, Kt. of 
Llandaff Ho. Glamorganshire. Issue : 

1. /Emilius of Ironshore (as above). 

2. Diana (1825-1900) married. 1 850, William Dummer Powell Jarvis. of 

Toronto. See page 58. 

3. Henry Erskine, born 1840; married, 1871, Elizabeth (died 1875), eldest 

daughter of John I. McKenzie of Hamilton. No issue. 

4. Emma, born 1843; married, 1866, the Ven. Charles Gresford Edmondet, 

M. A. (Oxon.), Archdeacon of St. David's; Principal St. David's 
College, Lampeter, Wales (died, 1893, leaving issue). 

5. Edward Herbert (1844-88) married, 1879. Emily Florence (died 1880), 

daughter of William Roe of Newmarket, Ont. No issue. 

Note : James Irving (171 3-75) had a younger brother Paulus /Emilius (171 4-96), who was 
Major commanding XV Foot at Louisbourg and Quebec, 1 759; Commander-in-chief 
and Acting GoTernor of Canada and Territories dependant thereon, 1765-6. His 
only son Paulus /Emilius was Major in the 47th Regiment in Burgoyne's Campaign 
from Canada, 1777; became General in the Army; created, 1809. a Baronet, as 
Irving of Woodhouse and Robgill Tower; married, 1786, Elizabeth, daughter of 
Thomas. Isl Earl and 27th Baron of Howth. ( t ^ ) 

Arms (registered at Lyon Court, Edinboro, by William Irving of Bonshaw J : Argent, three 
holly leaves slipped vert. 

Crest : A mailed hand grasping a branch of seren holly leaves, proper. 

Motto: "Haud ullis labentia ventis." 



BaFier of flDontreal 

Yf/ALTER REGINALD BAKER. C.V.O., Secretary of Canadian 
"'^ Pacific Railway Company, and Assistant to the President of the 
Company; born York, England, May 25, 1 852 ; came to Canada in 
1865 and entered Allan Steamship Service, General Agent Canada 
Central Railway and Joint Secretary first Canadian Pacific Railway 
Company, 1873; Private Secretary and A. D. C. to the Earl of Dutferin. 
Governor-General of Canada, 1874-8; Assistant Secretary of Treasury 
Board, 1878-81; entered Canadian Pacific Railway Service, February, 
1881, since which date has held many executive posts, culminating in 
his present position. As representative of the Canadian Pacific Railway 
had charge of the tour through Canada of H. M. King George and 
Queen Mary in 1 90 1 , and of the tours of H. R. H. Prince Arthur of 
Connaught in 1906, and Prince Fushimi of Japan in 1907, and of 
T. R. H. the Duke and Duchess of Connaught in 1912; Esquire of 
St. John of Jerusalem ; holds third class of Order of Sacred Treasure 
of Japan; created Commander of the Royal Victorian Order, June, 
1911. (*t) 

Married (firstly) Nov. 10, 1875, Jane, daughter of R. W. Cruice 
of Ottawa; she died in 1902, leaving issue: 



1. Reginald Hamilton (1877-99), born Ottawa, died 
Dawson City, Yukon. 

2. Gwendolen (1880-1). 

3. Maud Hamilton, bom Winnipeg, 1882, manied Mon- 
treal, 1907, Ernest Foster Slocum of Staten Island, N. Y. 

4. Marjorie Clare Hamilton, born Portage La Prairie, 
Manitoba, 1885, married Montreal, 1907, Harvard 
Turnbull of Montreal. 

5. Phyllis Hamilton, born Portage La Prairie, 1887. 

6. Frederick Hamilton, bom Portage La Prairie, 1 890. 

7. Hilda Hamilton (1890-2), twin. 

Married (secondly), Oct. 30, 1907, Belle, daughter of Andrew 
Paton of Sherbrooke, Quebec (widow of William Drysdale) d. s. p. 
Montreal. 1908. 

Married (thirdly). New York. U. S. A., Dec. 6, 1909. Elsa. 
daughter of Sigmund Shick of Vienna, Austria. 

Clubs: Mount Royal, Royal Montreal Golf, Jockey (Montreal); Rideau, 
Country Club (Ottawa); Manitoba (Winnipeg). 

Residence: 773 Sherbrooke Street West, Montreal. 


William Baker, Sheriff o( York. England, was made a Freeman, 1 729. His son 

Stephen Baker, was a Freeman of the City of York, 1 755. His son 

John James Baker (1767-1840), a Freeman, 1789; married Hannah, daughter of Robert 
Brogden of Tockwith, Yorks. Their son 

Stephen Baker (1615-1862), born York, died London; admitted Freeman of York, 1638; 
married, Sheffield 1844, Priscilla Willing, daughter of Thomas Plimsoll of Plymouth. 
Issue : 

1. Archer (1645-1910). of Eltham. Kent. 

2. Mary (1848-77). 

3. Walter Reginald (as above). 

4. Frederick, born York, 1856. 

Arms : Erminois, six maple leaves three two and one slipped proper; on a chief engrailed 
azure, two boars' heads couped oi. 

Crest: On a wreath of the colours a boar's head couped or holding in the mouth a 
maple leaf. 

Motto : "Meglio tardi che mai." 

Decorations (pendant from the escutcheon of Walter Reginald Baker) : The badge of the 
Royal Victorian Order, the badge of the Order of St. John of Jerusalem in England, 
and the badge of the Japanese Order of the Sacred Treasure. 



Baron Xt0aar,2n^ (Bovernor (general of Canada. 

OlR JOHN YOUNG (1807-76). 2nd baronet of Bailieborough 
*^ Castle, Co. Cavan, was educated for the bar, to which he was 
called at the age of twenty-seven. In 1831 he entered political life, 
becoming member for Co. Cavan as a moderate Tory. In 1 84 1 he 
was appointed a lord of the Treasury in Sir Robert Peel's ministry; 
and three years later became one of the Secretaries of the Treasury. 
In 1 846 he was Chief Secretary for Ireland under Lord Aberdeen, 
and entered the Privy Council in 1852. In 1855 he was appointed 
Lord High Commissioner of the Ionian Islands (G. C. M. G.) — then 
under a British protectorate — ; and, in 1861, accepted the Governor 
Generalship of New South Wales, which office he held until 1 867. 
In both the latter offices he was unfortunate, in that he left each under 
the cloud of official displeasure, caused rather by adverse and trying 
circumstances than by poor judgment. That the government appre- 
ciated these facts and had confidence in his abilities is attested by his 
bemg gazetted a G. C. B., and offered the governor-generalship of 
Canada — at a time, too, as events proved, when sound judgment was 



It was, in a measure, due to those same misfortunes that Young 
determined to accept the Canadian office ; for it had been tendered to 
Lord Mayo and others, who refused it, on the ground that "the Cana- 
dian government had impaired the dignity of the office by reducing the 
governor's salary." Sir John was appointed to the position, which 
included the governorship of Prince Edward Island — not then con- 
federated — in 1 869. The first year of his administration was dark- 
ened by the first Riel Rebellion. The following year he was created 
Baron Lisgar of Lisgar and Bailieborough. He resigned in 1872, 
and died four years later, when the barony became extinct. 

That his short official life in Canada was successful is best evi- 
denced, perhaps, by the following quotation from Pope's "Life of Sir 
John Macdonald:" "In Sir John Macdonald's opinion. Lord Lisgar 
was an ideal governor, the ablest of all those under whom he served; 
Sir John Young was a man of great sagacity, of large experience, and 
sound judgment. His single desire was to promote the best interests of 
the Dominion of Canada, and to his wnse and prudent counsels Sir 
John Macdonald was greatly indebted" (Editor). 

.*trms: Argent three piles sable each charged with a trefoil slipped or, on a chief 
of the second as many annulets of the third. 

Crest: A demi-lion rampant gules, armed and langued azure charged on the 
shoulder with a trefoil slipped, and holding in the dexter paw a sprig of 
three maple leaves also slipped or. 

Motto: "Prudentia." 

Supporters: Dexter, a female figure proper vested argent mantled azure, holding in 
the exterior hand a paddle or; sinister, a similar figure, vested argent, 
mantled vert, holding in the exterior hand a crook or. 

IRlbbell of Toronto. 

(a cadet of Riddell of that ilk, Roxburghshire, Scotland), born 
Township of Hamilton, U. C, April 6, 1852; educated at Collegiate 
Institute, Cobourg, Ont., and Victoria University; B. A. (1874); 
B. Sc. (1876); LL. B. (1878); many years senator of Victoria 
University, and, since federation, of the University of Toronto ; L. H. D. 
(Hon.) Syracuse University; LL. D. (Hon.) Lafayette College 
(1912). Called to the bar, 1883; elected Bencher of the Law 
Society, U. C. (1892); and then continuously until elevation to the 
Bench; created Q. C, 1900; Justice of King's Bench Division, High 
Court of Justice for Ontario, 1906; Supreme Court of Ontario, Ap- 



pellate Division, 1913. Honorary menuber Bar Associations of Mis- 
souri. New York, Iowa, &c., and of Canadian Societies of New York 
and Philadelphia. F. R. Hist, Soc. ; F. B. S, Edin. Honorary 
Colonel in Militia of Canada. (*) 

Married, 1 884, Anna Hester Kirsop, youngest daughter of 
James and Margaret (Hayden) Crossen of Cobourg, Ont. 
Clubs: York Club, Ontario Jockey Club (Toronto). 
Residence: 109 St. George St., Toronto. 


The Hon. William Renwick Riddell is fifth son of 

Walter Riddell (1814-1904). born Westerkirk. Dumfriesshire. Scotland, died 
Cobourg, Ont.; married, 1838, Mary (1818-1906), born Annandale, Dum- 
friesshire (daughter of Walter Renwick, born 1783, of "Cleugh Brae," 
Parish of Johnston, Dumfriesshire, and his wife, Mary Weal of Gretna, 
born 1 792) , son of 

Francis Scott Riddell, born 1780, and his wife, Elizabeth Martin, born 1777. 

Arms (subject to differencing) : Argent, a chevron gules between three ears of 
rye slipped and bladed proper. 

Crest: A demi-greyhound prop>er. 

Motto: "I hope to share." 



Hple0wortb of ZToronto. 

K. C, born Newburgh, Ont., Nov. 27, 1854; farmer, lawyer, 
and statesman; has repeatedly appeared as counsel before the Judicial 
Committee of the Privy Council, England; a member of the Imperial 
Alaska Boundary Tribunal, 1 903 ; represented Canada and Great 
Britain in the Fisheries Arbitration, Hague Tribunal, 1910; Post- 
master General, Laurier Cabinet, 1 905 ; Attorney General and Min- 
ister of Justice, 1 906- 1 I . 

Married, Dec, 1878, Adelaide Augusta, daughter of Cephas 
Hulbert Miller of New^burgh, Ont. Issue: 

Alan Featherston, B. A., LL. B , married Ethel Eliza- 
beth Gladys, granddaughter of Chief Justice Sir 

George W. Burton. 
Clubs: Toronto Club, Rideau. 

Residence. 21 Walmer Road, Toronto. 


Near Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, Eng., is a hamlet called Aylworth, 
which was in the possession of the family of that name at the time of the Con- 
queror; it is mentioned in Domesday Book. The parish church at Naunton, near by, 
has a North transept appropriated as a burial place for the Ayleworth family. 
Arthur Aylworth (1635-1725), a Puritan and a Cromwell man, emigrated from 
Gloucestershire about 1662; in 1679 he had settled upon 400 acres at Quid- 
nesset Neck in No. Kingstown, R. I.; descendants still own this land. He 
signed a petition, dated July 29, 1679, to King Charles II. Arthur mar- 
ried Mary, daughter of Rev. John and Mary (Holmes) Brown of Provi- 
dence, R. I. His fourth son 
Philip Aylsworth (born 1692), married Rachel Greene; he inherited the land at 

Quidnesset and lived on it. His second son 
Job Aylesworth (1740-1803), a U. E. L. who, after the Revolutionary War, 
emigrated to Canada, and, in 1788, settled in the Township of Ernesttown, 
Co. Lennox and Addington. By his second wife, Sarah (a daughter of 
his first cousin, Philip Aylesworth of Coventry, R. I.), he had a fourth son 
Bowen Aylesworth (1778-1863), farmer, who married, 1797, Hannah, daughter of 
Robert and Jemima (Washburn) Perry. (Robert Perry was a royalist 
officer in the Revolutionary War, and as a U. E. L. settled in Ernesttown. 
Commodore O. H. Perry, in command of the U. S. fleet on Lake Erie in 
the War of 1812, was his nephew). Bowen's second son 
Job Aylesworth (1800-88), farmer, married, 1825, Anna McGillivray of Co. 
Inverness, Scotland. His second son 

John Bell Aylesworth, born 1828, farmer, of Newburgh, Ont., married, 1853, 

Catherine, daughter of John W. Bristol. His eldest son is 
Allen Bristol Aylesworth (as above). 



Ikaind ot Xonbon (©ntarlo). 

serve Bank of San Francisco (1914), formerly clearinghouse 
examiner of banks, San Francisco, Cal. (appointed, 1908); for- 
merly manager, Canadian Bank of Commerce, San Francisco, Born 
London, Ont., Nov. 24, 1865. Married at Dingraan's Ferry, Pa., 
May 1 1, 1895. Fanny George, daughter of George William Donald- 
son, Vice-Prest. American Lithographic Assn. of New York, and 
Frances Taliaferro Goldsmith, his wife. 

Societies: St. Andrews; British Benevolent; Masonic; Archaelogical. 
Clubs: Pacific Union; Bohemian; Olympic; Presidio Golf Club; 

Claremont Country Club; San Francisco Fly-Casting Club. 
Residences: 828 Francisco St., San Francisco, Cal., U. S. A. 
145 First Ave., Ottawa, Ont. 


John Kain$, an English lailor, a descendant of the family of De Keynes, anciently 
possessed of large land holdings in Dorset, Wilts, and Northants, Elngland, 
married ci'rc. 1780, Eleanor, daughter of John Bohun, sailor, and his wife, 
an Italian. He died at Chatham, England, leaving issue: 

1. John (1788-1861), Captain, Royal N*vv, married Sarah Gold 

of Gillingham. Issue: I. John, posimaster, Barbadoes, 

B. W. I. 2. Thomas, Major 3rd Buffs d. s. p. 3. Sarah, mar- 
ried John Quarlerman of Oxford. 

2. Thomas (below). 

3. Joseph, born 1792, in East India Company; died East Indies; 

^. George, born ci'rc. 1800; came to Canada, settling at St. Thomas 

C. W. He married Thomasina, youngest daughter of Archi- 
bald McMillan of Murlag2m, Co. Inverness, Scotland, and 
his wife, Isabella Gray, who were the first settlers at Grenville, 
Argenteuil Co., L. C. Issue: Five sons and two daughters. 

Thomas Kains (1790-1855), born Chatham; Paymaster, Royal Navy; took part 
in the capture of the City of Washington in the War of 1812; came to 
Canada and settled on the Bay of Carillon, Ottawa River; married ciVc. 
1820, Mary, eldest daughter of Archibald and Isabella McMillan (above); 
Justice of the Peace, Lieut.-Colonel of the Argenteuil militia, with whom 
he served in the Rebellion of 1837. He was captain of the "Shannon," 
plying between Grenville emd By town; was recalled for active service in 
the Crimean War. He died in Montreal, leaving issue: 

1. Thomas McMillan (1821-87); married, 1845, Margaret, daugh- 

ter of C. P. Treadwell, Sheriff of Prescott and Russell 
Counties, and his wife, Helen Macdonell. He died at St. 
Thomas. Issue : 

1. Mary McMillan (1865-1888). 2. Charles Frederick 
(born 1868), still living; unmarried. 

2. Archibald McMillan (born 1824); married Mary Hicks; died 

Westminster, Ont., leaving issue: William, Franklin, Fred- 
erick, Alfred, Isabella Gray, and Mary. 



3. Willitun King (below). 

4. Isabella 1 homasina, born 1831; married, 1855, C. C. Abbott 

(drowned in the Ottawa River in the early seventies), bar- 
rister of Montreal, son of the Rev. Joseph Abbott of Gren- 
ville, P. Q., and Mary Bradford, his wife. Issue: One son. 

5. Zebee Mary, born 1835; married Charles Roe, Esq., of St. 

Thomas, C. W., son of John B. Roe, M. D., of St. Johns, 
Que., and Jane Ardagh, his wife. Issue: Two sons and two 

6. John Alexander, born 1837; barrister of St. Thomas; married 

Emma Elizabeth, daughter of Judge David John Hughes of 
St. Thomas and Sarah Richardson, his wife. Issue: I. Maur- 
ice Grenville. 2. Edward Douglas. 3. John Malcolm. 
4. Edith Anne. 
William King Kains, born April 3, 1829, at Grenville, L. C.; grain merchant of 
London, Ont. ; married Oct. 18, 1838, Henrietta, daughter of William H. 
Hamilton of Hawkesbury, U. C. (son of Charles Hamilton — see Hamilton 
of Hamwood), and his wife, Margaret, 2nd daughter of Archibald McMil- 
lan and Isabella Gray, above mentioned. NoTE: Isabella Gray was a 
daughter of Archibald Gray of Fort William, Scotland, and his wife, 
Mary Cameron, daughter of Donald Cameron of Strone. William King 
Kains settled at St. Thomas circ. 1844, removing to London, 1865, and to 
Treadwell, Ont., 1885. He died in Ottawa, 1902, leaving issue: 

1. William Hamilton, born 1861, of Montreal; died, unmarried. 


2. Archibald Chetwode (as above). 

3. Francis, born 1867; died, unmarried, 1898. 

4. Henrietta, born 1871; married, 1900, Rev. F. W. Ritchie, B. A., 

Ottawa, who died 1907. Issue: Two sons and a daughter. 

5. Georgiana, born 1873. 

6. Laura Tighe, born 1875. 

7. Zoe Chetwode, born 1877. 

Scbui?ier«»XtQbtbaa of flDontreai. 

ton, Ont.. Dec. 27. 1857; B. A.. McGill. 1879; B. C. L.. 
1881 ; M. A.. 1885; K. C. 1896; F. R. S. C. F. R. S. L.; advo- 
cate. A noted authority on Canadian history, an author of several 
books; ex-Mayor of Westmount. Adopted into the Iroquois tribe by 
the name of Ticonderoga. (For full biography, see "Canadian Men 
and Women of the Time," "Who's Who." etc.) 

Married, Oct. 1 . 1 890. Cybel Charlotte, daughter of John Aston 
Wilkes, manufacturer, of Montreal (eldest son of the Rev. Henry 
Wilkes, D. D.) and his wnfe, Alice (daughter of Major James Sabine 
of "Highbury." Brockville, Ont. — a cousin of Lieut.-Gen. Sir Edward 
Sabine, and of Lieut.-Gen. Charles Sabine). Issue: 

1 . Alice Margaret Schuyler. 

2. Cybel Katherine Schuyler. 

3. William Wilkes Schuyler. 



Societies: Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada; Fellow of the 
Royal Society of Literature; President Antiquarian and Nu- 
mismatic Society of Montreal, etc. 

Clubs: Montreal, Canadian, Canada, University, Arts, Country, etc. 
(Montreal) ; Royal Societies of London, England. 

Residences: "Chateauclair," Westmount, Montreal; and "High- 
bury," Lac Tremblant, Quebec. 


Abraham Lighthall of Lancashire, England, descended from the old Lancashire 
family of Lylhalls, was a cornel of horse. As a young man, he came to 
America, settling in Schenectady, New York, shortly before 1700. He 
married Anna Van den Bogert (a granddaughter of the physician who 
saved the life of Pere Jogues when he was first tortured by the Mohawks). 
Their son 

Nicholas Lighthall of Schenectady married Margaret Idich. Their son 

Lancaster Lighthall, married Hester Kittle. Their son 

Douw Kittle Lighthall (1 790-1857), born Schenectady, died Huntington, Quebec. 
Registrar of Beauharnois, Quebec. He married Agnes, daughter of Major 
Henry Ten Eyck Schuyler of Troy (see note). Their son 

William Francis Schuyler-Lighthall, born Troy, N. Y., 1827, in the Schuyler 
Mansion, is Dean of the Notarial profession (solicitors), of Montreal. (*) 
He married Margaret, daughter of Captain Henry Wright (a son of Major 
James Wright, of the family of the chief of the Clan Mclntyre; he com- 



manded the local miliria company at the battle of Chateauguay in the War 
of 1812.) Their son is 

William Douw Schuyler-Lighthall (as above). 

Note: Major Schuyler was a son of Col. Stephen Schuyler, brother and executor 
of the noted American Revolutionary officer, Maj. Gen. Philip John Schuy- 
ler (1733-1804). Major Schuyler married Sarah Visscher — a descendant 
of the Utrecht family of that name — who was niece tmd co-heiress of Lieut.- 
Gen. Garrett Fisher (see Johns* "Naval and Military Heroes of Great 
Britain"), who died in Manchester Square, London, 1808. Sarah Visscher 
later became Seigneuresse of LacoUe. She wew a first cousin of President 
Van Buren. 

Ana*: (Due to an inheritance, the Schuyler-Lighthall family assumed the Schuy- 
ler arms, quartering the arms of Gen. Garret Fisher [Visscher]). Quarterly: 
1st and 4lh, vert, issuing from a cloud ppr. a cubit arm in fesse vested 
azure holding on the hand a falcon close all proper (for Schuyler) ; 2nd 
and 3rd, vert, three herrings in pale argent crowned or (for Visscher). 

Crest: A herring hauriant argent within a vol vert. 

Motto : "Forward." 

"Iberlot of flDontrcal 

T OHN CHARLES ALISON HERIOT. born GeorgeviUe. Que.. 

I Dec. 3, 1861 ; Architect by profession; member of firm of Mac- 
Vicar and Heriot, architects of Montreal; holds special certificate in 
architecture, Cornell University; Captain, Retired List, Canadian 



Militia; Member of the Antiquarian and Numismatic Society, and of 

the Art Association of Montreal. Unmarried. 

Clubs: Arts Club of Montreal; The Hermitage Country Club (Lake 

Memphremagog, Quebec). 
Residence: 104 Union Ave., Montreal. 


"According to Longmuir's edition of Jamieton's Scottish dictionarj, the 
word 'heriot' is derived from the Anglo-Seixon, and signified the tribute given 
to the lord of the manor for his better preparation for war; but came at length 
to denote the best beast, of whatever kind, which a tenant died possessed of, due to 
his superior after death. Professor Innes, in his work entitled, 'G)ncerning Some 
Scottish Surnaunes,* classes the surname 'Heriot' among those derived from places 
or lands. There is a parish and a river in it, both of the name of 'Heriot,' about 
twenty miles southeast of Edinburgh; also a small stream of the name in the parish 
of G>ckburnspath, Berwickshire. The first notice believed to have been yet found 
of the name used as a surname is that of 'Willelmo de Heryt,' who was witneM to 
a charter granted by King William the Lyon, prior to 1214." 

The Scottish historian, George Buchanan (1506-82), whose mother was 
Agnes Heriot, a daughter of the house of Trabroun, says that William Heriot and 
another aided in the escape of Robert, High Steward of Scotland, from Rolhesay, 
whither he had fled from the English, after the battle of Halidon Hill (1333) 
The escape of the Steward, afterward Robert II„ proved to be one of the most 
important events in Scottish history. 

By a charter from Archibald, Earl of Douglas, in 1423, confirmed by 
James I. of Scotland, the lands of Trabroun, some 400 acres in East Lothain, 
were granted, for military service, to John Heriot, who is described 2is "squire and 
son to his confederate, James Heriot of Niddry Marischal. " The estates were 
held in the family until the death of the last direct male heir in 1620. 

At the marriage of Elizabeth, daughter of James Heriot, of Trabroun, to 
Sir Thomas Hamilton, of Priestfield (their son became ist Earl of Haddington), 
was a witness, 

George Heriot, a cadet of Trebroun; he was a tenant farmer in Longniddrie in 

1549; he died (circ.) 1570. His son was 
George Heriot (died 1625), tenant of Longniddrie. His son was 
Robert Heriot (died after 1667), tenant of Longniddrie. His second son was 
George Heriot (1636-1698), born Longniddrie; tenant of Castlemains, Direleton; 

Chamberlain to Sir John Nisbet of Direleton; he married Ferguson. 

His eldest son 
John Heriot (1664-1725); tenant of Castlemains, about 1,200 acres; married Jane 
Sinclair. Issue: 1. George (below). 2. Robert (died young). 3. John 
(1698-1774) d. s. p. 4. James (died 1762); tenant of Castlemains; mar- 
ried Janet Horsburgh, their two sons, Robert and William, settled in South 
Carolina in 1759 and 1768 respectively, leaving descendants. Robert served 
on Washington's staff during the Revolutionary War. 
George Heriot (1688-1753), Sheriff Clerk for the County of East Lothian; mar- 
ried Mary Tannoch. Issue: 1. John (below). 2. Jean, bom 1736. 3. 
Mary (1738-70). 4. Janet, bom 1740. 5. George, born 1741; settled in 



South Carolina 1761, leaving issue. 6. Margaret (1743-70). 7, Janet, 
born 1748. 8. William, born 1751, 
John Heriot, born Haddington, Scotland, 1734; Sheriff Clerk for County of East 
Lothian; married his cousin, Marjory (see note), daughter of John Heriot, 
tenant of Ladykirk and Shiels, Berwickshire, Scotland. Issue: 

1. John (below). 

2. George (1766-1844); Deputy Postmaster General of Canad:., 

1799-1816; author of "Heriot's Travels Through the Can- 
adas," "History of Canada," "Travels in Spain and South of 
France;" one of the earliest Canadian artists in both oil and 
water colour. He died without issue. 

3. Roger (1769-1849) married Catherine Booth; settled in Charles- 

ton, S. C. ; left descendants. 

4. Sophia married Melmouth Guy, of Kenton Hall, Devon. Their 

only son was Lt.-Gen. Sir Philip Melmouth Nelson Guy, 
K. C. B., an officer of long and distinguished service. 

John Heriot (1760-1833), born Haddington; married Mary Alison Sheriff, an 
Edinburgh family (her brother, Charles, though deaf and dumb, was an 
eminent portrait painter, principally of miniatures) ; Lieutenant of Marines, 
1778; wounded in Admiral Rodney's action with the French fleet in the 
West Indies, 1780; placed on half pay, 1783. He founded the "London 
Sun," 1791; and "The True Briton" in 1792, to support the policy of 
William Pitt, the younger; was appointed Deputy Paymaster General to 
the forces in the Windward Islands, 1 810; and Comptroller of Chelsea 
Hospital, 1816, where he died; author of several works. Issue: 1. Amelia, 
died at Brighton, England, 1858. 2. Jane. 3. John Charles (below). 

John Charles Heriot (ci'rc. 1795-1825), born London, Eng. ; Lieutenant in the 
Hon. Eiut India Company's Service; he married in India, where he and 
his wife died about the same time, leaving two children, who were sent to 
England; the elder, Sophia (1818-25), sailed with her nurse; they perished 
in the wreck of the vessel — all records of the marriage being lost; the 
younger child 

John Charles Heriot, Jr. (1819-91), born in the Presidency of Madras, India; he 
owed his life to the fact that he was kidnapped by natives for a ransom, on 
the eve of the sailing of the ill-fated vessel; he was found shortly after 
and sent home by another ship. Gentleman; came to Canada 1848; re- 
sided at Georgeville, Quebec, and at the "Hermitage," Lake Memphre- 
magog. He married Maria Ann, daughter of Moise Cass (a relative of the 
American General, Lewis Cass, once candidate for the Presidency of the 
United States), a U. E. L. of Hawkesbury, Ont. Issue: 

1. John Charles Alison (as above). 

2. Frederick George, born Nov. 29, 1862; formerly of the Bank 

of Montreal, Ottawa, retired. 

3. Ralph Boteler Johnson (1865-1906) of Georgeville. 


Note: Marjory Heriot's youngest brother, Roger Heriot, was Surgeon of the 13th 
Foot and afterward Surgeon to the forces in the Island of Jersey. He mar- 
ried Anne, daughter of Major Walter Nugent, of the 75th Reg. His son, 
Frederick George Heriot (1786-1843), was born in Jersey; appointed Elnsign 



49th Foot. 1801; Captain. 1806; Lt.-Col.. 1813; Colonel. 1830; Maj.-Gen- 
eral. 1841. He was transferred to the newly -orgeuiized Canadian Voltigeurs, 
a detachment of which he commanded at the attack on Sackett's Harbor, at 
Fort George, in 1813, and at the battle of Chrysler's Farm; at the battle 
of Plattsburg he commanded a brigade composed of the Voltigeurs and a 
corps of light infantry; for his services in that war he was made C. B, He 
was a member of the Provincial Parliament of Quebec; also of the Execu- 
tive Council; Provincial Aide-de-Ceunp to the Governors-General. He 
founded Drummondvillc, Que., where he died without issue. 

A niece of Mrs. John Heriot, nee Mary Alison Sheriff, married Colonel 
Mackoncchie of the East India Co.'s service. His third son was the Rev. 
Alexander Heriot Mackonochie, who for many years was Rector of 
St. Albans, Holborn, London. 

George Heriot, the banker-jeweller of James l.'s reign, the founder of 
Heriot's Hospital, Edinburgh, and the prototype of the character of that 
ntune in Sir Walter Scott's "Fortunes of Nigel," was also a descendant of 
the Heriots of Trabroun. 

Arms: (as on the tomb of George Heriot, who died 1698, matriculated by J. C. A. 
Heriot, 1905) Argent, on a fesse azure three cinquefoils of the &rst, 
within a bordure indented of the second. 

Crest: A dexter hand couped at the wrist holding a wreath of laurel all proper. 

Motto: "Fortem posce animum. " (Design by Graham Johnston, Lyon Court.) 

Durnfor^ of Bcvoneblre 

GEORGE DURNFORD, bom Toronto. 1838; J. P.; President 
of the firm of G. Durnford & Co., chartered accountants; was 
manager of the Bank of British North America at Kingston, Ont. 
(1874-80); President U. E. L. Society (1899-1904); Secty.-Treas. 
C. S. p. C. A. ; Hon. Treas. Numismatic and Antiquarian Soc. ; 
Governor of the Homeopathic Hospital. (*) 

Married Melanie, daughter of George Tarbutt Vardon, Asst. 
Supt. of Indian Affairs. Issue: 

1. Augusta Mary, born May 12, 1866; married 
June 16, 1886, to Donald Ross-Ross of Montreal. 
Their eldest son, T. E. Vardon Ross-Ross, is now 
manager of G. Durnford & Co. 

2. Evelyn St. Lo, married, 1895, to Andrew Guy Ross 
of Montreal. 

3. Muriel Gwendoline, married, 1898, to Pemberton 
Smith (q. v.) of Montreal. 

4. Esther Gabrielle, married to J. Shirley Going of 
Pixley, Cal. 

Clubs: Mount Royal Club (Montreal); Junior Conservative (Lon- 
don, Eng.). The Hermitage (Lake Memphremagog) . 
Residence: "The Sherbrooke," 660 Sherbrooke St., W., Montreal. 



"Magna Britannica" states that the name Durnford, which was anciently 
spelled "de Derneford," derives its name from a village in Normandy; that the 
family received for its services at the battle of Hastings, grants of land in Devon 
and Cornwall, including Rame Head, acquired by marriage with the daughter of 
Rame of Rame. The branch described below has for centuries borne the ram's 
head for arms. According to tradition the family came over with William the 
Conqueror. There are lands in North Cadbury, Somersetshire, still called "Durn- 
ford's Grounds." The parish registers of North Cadbury shew that toward the 
end of the 16th century one of the church wardens was William Durnford. It it 
likely that he was a descendant of that William Durnford who died about the 
middle of the 13th century, possessed of various manors in Somersetshire. His ton 

John Durnford (born 1590), was a church warden of North Cadbury. His son was 

John Durnford (born 1629), of North Cadbury. Tlie family were Royalists, and 
retired to Bristol during the Civil War. His son 

Andrew Durnford (died 1690), at Andover, Hants, where, in 1683, he married 
(secondly) Mary Chator. Their son 

Thomas Durnford (born 1684). at Andover, married Mary (daughter of Elias 
Lane, of Christchurch, who died aged 110). Their son 

Elias Durnford (1720-74), born Ringwood, Hants; Treasurer of the Ordnance, 
Tower of London; married Martha Gimnaway. His monument is on pave- 
ment of north aisle, St. Leonard's Church, Streatham. His son 



Elias Durnford (1739-94), born Ringwood. died Tobago. B. W. I.; Lt.-Col. 
Royal Artillery; Lt.-Gov. West Florida; Surveyor General; married Re- 
becca Walker of Suffolk (see note). Their son. 

Elias Walker Durnford (1774-1850). born Lowestaft. Suffolk; U-Gen. and 
Colonel commandant Royal Engineers. Built the fortifications of Quebec; 
married Jane Sophia Mann, a descendant of Thomas Chiffinch. a page to 
Charles II. His son 

Philip Durnford (1804-81), born at Dungannon Fort. Captain, H. M. S. 68th 
Regiment; later Collector, Inland Revenue, Montreal. Married Augusta, 
daughter of Stephen Sevifell, K. C. ; Solicitor General for Lower Canada, 
a U. E. Loyalist from Boston, Mass. Issue: 

1. George (as above). 

2. Edward Comyns, born 1844. unmarried. 

3. Sophia Mann, unmarried. 

4. Maria Georgiana. unmarried. 

5. Augustus Decimus (1849-1912). born Montreal. Superintendent 

of Branches and Chief Inspector Molson's Bank, Montreal. 
Married Mary Oneida, sixth daughter of the late Sir Alex- 
ander Tilloch Gait. G. C. M. G. Issue: 

1. Philip Elias. born Montreal, 1896. 

2. Alexander Tilloch Gait. 

3. Elliott. 

Note: Elias Durnford (1739-94) had a younger brother. Andrew Durnford. 
Colonel of the Royal Engineers; Lt.-Gov. of Bermuda, who was the ancestor 
of the late Col. Arthur George Durnford, R. E., whose son now represents 
the fifth successive generation of the family in the Royal Engineers. Col. 
Anthony W. Durnford. who perished with his command at Isandula (1879), 
was an elder brother of Col. Arthur George Durnford. 

Arms: Sable, a ram's head cabossed argent, attired or. 

Crest: An arm in armour embowed brandishing a scimitar. 

IPemberton Smltb of flDontrcal 

P EMBERTON SMITH, born Leeds. Que.. Sept. 24. 1869. 
Educated at Bishop's College School. Lennoxville, Que. In- 
surance Broker; connected with the Guardian Assurance Co. of Lon- 
don, since 1 890. Member of the following societies : Historic Land- 
marks' Assn. (president) ; Antiquarian and Numismatic Society (cor- 
responding secretary); Montreal Board of Trade; Montreal Citizens' 
Assn., National Fire Protection Assn.; Montreal Art Assn.; West- 
mount Municipal Assn. (See also "Armorial Families" — ^A. C. 
Fox-Davies. ) 

Married. June 4, 1898, at Montreal, Muriel Gwendoline, 
daughter of George Durnford, Esq. (q. v.) and Melanie (Vardon) 
Durnford. Issue : 

1. Elizabeth Melanie Pemberton. born 1899. 

2. George Pemberton, born 1900. 

3. Frederica Augusta Pemberton, born 1902. 



4. Helena Charlotte Durnford Pemberton, born 1909 
(died young). 

5. Philip Durnford Pemberton, born 1912. 

Clubs: Hermitage Club, Montreal Club, Canadian Club (Montreal). 
Residence: 42 Windsor Ave., Westmount, Montreal. 


Henry Smith, Comptroller of Customs for Sligo, Ireland, died at Dublin, 
prior to 1816; he married Jane (daughter of John Johnston of Friarstown) ; he was 
a descendant of William Smyth of Rossdale Abbey, Co. York, and his wife, Mary, 
daughter of John Dowdall of Glaspistell by Ann, daughter of Sir Thomas Cusack, 
Kt., Lord Chancellor of Ireland, Temp. Edward VI. (Burke). William Smyth, 
who was a Colonel in the army of James I., later settled at Dundrum, Co. Down, 
1630, and founded the families of Smyth of Dundrum, Gaybrook and Drumcree. 
Henry Smith's son 

James Smith (1780-1849), F. R. C. S. I.; J. P.; Surgeon to the Queen's County 
Militia; married, 1811, Maria, daughter of Joseph Pemberton, Lord Mayor 
of Dublin; he died at 'New Park, " Mountrath, Ireland. Issue: 

1. Anna Maria, born 1816; married Rev, John Hancock Scott of 


2. Henry Joseph (1818-85), married, 1841, Maria Louisa, daughter 

of Captain Theodore Norton of Wainsford. 

3. Charlotte Jane, born 1820. 

4. Georgiana Hester, born 1822; married the Very Rev. Thomas 

Le Ban Kennedy of Kilmore Rectory. 

5. Louisa Margaret, born 1823. 

6. Frederick Augustus (as follows) : 



The Rev. Frederick Augustus Smith (1826-1902). in Holy Orders, 
Church of England, New Liverpool, Que.; born at "Nev/ 
Park;" Missionary to Canada under the Society for the 
Propagation of the Gospel; married, 1859, Elizabeth, daughter 
of Meredith Ogden, Esq., of Montreal; died Montreal. Issue 

1. Meredith Ogden (Rev.), M. A.. B. D., born 1867 

married Caroline Brooks Greene of Sheldon, Vl. 
has issue: Frederick Augustus, born 1906. 

2. Pemberton (as above). 

3. Annie Louisa, born 1871. 

4. Charlotte Gertrude, born 1873. 

5. Catherine Hammond, born 1875. 

Arms: Argent, on a bend azure, between two unicorns" heads couped of the second 
armed and collared or, five fusils conjoined of the last. 

Crest: Out of an Eastern crown or, a unicorn's head armed crined and collared 

of the first. 
Motto: "Exaltabit honore." Mantle: Gules and argent. 

Sparks of ©itawa 

ROBERT SPARKS (deceased), born Aug. 20. 1837; Civil Engi- 
neer, and Provincial Land Surveyor; he was a well-known cross- 
country rider and a noted athlete. (On June 18, 1873, he walked 
from Arnprior to Ottawa, a distance of 40 miles, over bad roads, in 
8 hours and 1 7 minutes, defeating Mr. F. Pace, a noted English pro- 



fessional.) He was drowned with his brother, Frederick, in the 
wreck of the "Asia" on Lake Superior, Sept. I 4, 1 882. He married, 
Ottawa, July 12, 1876, Wilhelmina, daughter of Roderick Stewart 
of Appin [see Stewart of Ottawa] and his wife, Wilhelmina Ross. 

1. Robert Russell, born April 27, 1878, unmarried, 

2. Roderick Percy, born March 7, 1880, of Ottawa, 
married Reba Fraser. Issue: Roderick Fraser. 

3. Edith, married Francis Leonard Vaux [see Vaux, 
Brockville]. Issue: Edith Patricia Wellesley. 


The family of Sparks Hm long been settled in the Counties of Essex and 
Devon, England. The founder of the Irish branch was Nicholas Sparks, an officer 
in the army under the Duke of Marlborough (1 650- 1 722). In return for his 
services he received, about 1720, a grant of land in the parish Darragh, Co. Wex- 
ford, in perpetuity, for a nominal rental. His descendant 
Samuel Sparks (whose younger brother, Nicholas, was grandfather of Nicholas 

Sparks of By town, U. C), had a son 
Abraham Sparks (1776-1856), born and died in Darragh; at the age of twenty- 
two he was a Captain in the Yoemanry under Colonel Boulton in the Irish 
insurrection of 1798. He married the widow of William West, an En- 
glish officer domiciled near the Sparks estate, who was killed in the same 
insurrection. His four sons came to Canada in 1825, settling on the east 
bank of the Rideau River — now part of the City of Ottawa. They were: 
I. George (below). 2. Abraham (his two sons lived in Nepean). 3. Robert. 
4. Frederick. 
George Sparks (1801-67), bom Oct. 31, parish of Darragh, died Nov. 6, Co. 
Russell; became wealthy as a contractor. He married, 1822, Sarah (Colley) 
Walsh of Darragh (1805-87). Issue: 

1. Abraham (1823-1903) of Co. Russell, married Miss Purdy of 

that county. 

2. Jonathan (1831-92) of Co. Russell, unmarried. 

3. George (born 1833), living at Vars, Co. Russell, married, Rich- 

mond, Ont., Matilda Good; has issue: Thomas of Vars (mar- 
ried Emma Ralph, and has issue: John), Robert, William (in 
Holy Orders, Toronto), Ejnily, Albert, Ernest (deceased), 
Russell, Theodore, and Frank, living in Co. Carleton. 

4. Robert (as above). 

5. Nicholas (23 Feb., 1844-1912), unmarried, of Ottawa. 

6. Frederick (17 March, 1846-82), unmarried, of Ottawa, drowTied. 

7. Samuel (born May, 1848), of Co. Russell, married Maud Gil- 

Esther married Charles Wolff of Ottawa. 
Sarah married Josiah Burrows of Ottawa. 
Mary Ann married William Ogilvie, astronomer of Ottawa. 
Arms: Chequy or and vert, a bend ermine. 

Crest: Out of a ducal coronet or, a demi-panther rampant guardant argent spotted 
with various colours, fire issuing from ears and mouth proper. 



3 C 



Dominion ot Cana5a 

Anns: Quarterly of the arms of the first four provinces to enter Confeder- 
ation, viz., 1 . Ontario; 2. Quebec; 3. Nova Scotia; 4. New Bruns- 

No crest, motto, nor supporters. 

province of ©ntarto 

Arms: Vert, a sprig of three leaves of maple slipped or, on a chief argent 

the cross of St. George. 
Crest: A bear passant sable. 

Supporters: Dexter a moose, sinister a Canadian deer, all proper. 
Motto: "Ut incepit (idelis sic permanet." 

Iproplnce ot Quebec 

Anns : Or on a fesse gules, between two fleur-de-lis in chief azure, and 
a sprig of three leaves of maple slipped vert in base, a lion passant 
guardant or. 

Iprovtnce of IRova Scotia 

Arms : Or, on a fesse wavy azure between three thistles proper, a salmon 
naiant argent. 

(Province ot mew Brunswtcb 

Arms : Or on waves a lymphad with oars in action proper, on a chief gules 
a lion passant guardant or. 

province ot /IDanttoba 

Arms: Vert on a rock a butfalo statant proper, on a chief argent the cross 

of St. George. 

province ot Britisb Colnmbia 

Arms: Argent three bars wavy azure, issuant from the base a demi-sun in 
splendour proper, on a chief the Union device charged in the centre 
point with an antique crown or. (The foregoing is by royal warrant, the 
following were added by Order in Council dated 25th May, 191 1, 
for use in the Great Seal of the province.) 

Crest : Upon an imperial crown proper a lion statant guardant imperially 
crowned all or. 

Supporters: Dexter a Wapiti stag proper, sinister a ram of the ovis Mon- 
tana proper. 

Motto: "Splendor sine occasu." 

IProvince ot prince 3E^war^ Hslanb 

Arms: Argent on an island vert to the sinister an oak-tree fructed, to the 
dexter thereof three oak saplings, sprouting all proper, on a chief gules 
a lion passant guardant or. 

Motto: "Parva sub ingenti" 

Iproplnce ot HIbecta 

Arms: Azure in front of a range of snow mountains proper a range of hills 
vert, in base a wheatBeld surmounted by a prairie both also proper, 
on a chief argent a St- George's cross. 

prox>incc of Sashatcbcwan 

Arms: Vert three garbs in fesse or. on a chief o\ the last a lion passant 
guardant gules. 


riDaj. 0en. Barnes Molte, ltiUe^ at (S^uebec in 1759 

Arms: Per fesse, argent and azure, in chief on a mount vert in front of an 
oak tree proper a wolf passant of the last; in base two salmon naiant 
barways in pale of the third. Crest: A stork, wings elevated sable. 

Motto: "Cuilean Uasal." 


Sicur Dc Xepts» Due &c IDentaDour, Dlcerop of Canada 

Arms: Quarterly: I, and 4, or three chevronelles sable; 2, and 3, 
chequy or and gules. 


/iDarquts ^e IPauDreutl, Governor of Canada, 1 755. 

Arms: Argeot a Hon rampant gules. 


XoufB 3o0epb, /IDarqula t>c /IDontcalm. fftcncb (Bcncral, 
MIle&, (Sluebec, 1750. 

Arms: Quarterly: I, and 4, azure three doves argent; 2, and 3, sable a 

tower of the second. 
Motto: "Mon innocence est ma forbesse. 


5can Baptiste Xe /iDof nc, Sieur &e Bfcrtpdlc, born at 
/Montreal in 1680; tounOe& IRew ©rleans, Xa» 

Arms: Azure three roses argent, in chief gules a crescent of the second 
between two mullets or. Crest : A wild man carrying a club over 
his shoulder. 

Motto: "Deo et regi." 


iRobert Carelfer, Sfeur be la Salle, Mscopcrer ot 
tbe ®bto Mvcv anO f ounber of Xoutsiana. 

Anns: Quarterly: I, and 4, argent a bend azure between six lozenges 
gules; 2. and 3, argent a chevron gules between, in chief, two garbs 
sable, and in base a crescent azure. 


ptcrrc 6u 6a 0t &c Xussault, Stcur ^c /IDonts, 
Xteutenant ©eneral, Hca&fa. 

Anns: Azure five bezants. 


Xouls De BuaDe, Comte t>c jfrontenac, 
(Bovernor ot IRew ifrance, 1672*98. 

Arms: Azure three griffins or. 


J JfORTITErXT ET'"^\rf'DE'-lTER\ >-^ 

Xe Cbepalter IRenc &e Coutlep (Son ot Hlbert oc Coutlei? 

ot IRiom in tbe ipus De Dome), Cbancellor; Cbict Justice 

of IRbetms, 1684. Hncestor of tbe Coutlec familp 

of Bpliner, p. (a. 

Arms: Sable an unicorn's head, tnaned, crined, and horned or, between 

three fleurs-de-Iys of the last. 
Crest : Out of a ducal coronet with two pearls, an unicorn's head, as in the 

arms. Supporters: Dexter a griffin gules, wings, beak, and claws 

or; Sinister, a wolf per fesse or and gules. 
Motto: "Fortiter et fideliter." 


Hntoine De la /iDotbe CaDillac, founDe^ Detrott, 1701. 

Arms: Quarterly: 1, Azure, a lion rampant or; 2, barry of six, argent 
and gules; 3, azure, a pale of; 4, argent, a tree proper within a 
bordure gules. 


5obn Cabot anb bfs son Sebastian, biscovcrcrs. 

Arms : Azure, three chabots proper. 


/IDarquts &u (Siucsne, Oovernor of (rana&a, 1752. 

Arms : Argent a lion rampant sable armed and langued gules. 
Crest : A lion issuant, as in the arms. 












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